Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For-- brought to you by:

The Law of Attraction

So.... I felt overwhelmed and stressed out at work. I met my activations goal for yesterday but I am home today. Why am I home today? Because I have been wanting time off. Aside from some nasty side effects from the medication I am on, I managed to get food poisoning. I wish I were kidding.
Am I saying that the Law of Attraction made me get food poisoning? Possibly. I wanted time off from work and I got it- I wasn't specific in my thoughts of HOW to get off work. I just wanted off. I have had 2 extra days off this week. Spiffy. Now, I have learned enough and seen enough with the LOA to know that it works- in positive or negative form. What you think about, you bring about.
So for the next couple of days I am going to think about how strong my muscles are, how much fat I am losing, how healthy I am, how healed and strong my stomach is... I am also going to think about how many activations I will do. I am going to think about how great my coworkers are and how I can make a lot of money to achieve other goals while I am there. I also need to start seeing myself in my skinny jeans. And while I am at I am going to think about all the yummy healthy foods I can eat.
Thanks Liimu for giving me a kick in the butt. ;)

Oh- and Tony told me that we can quickly undo any damage and get back to my goals. That makes me feel less stressed already!


Britishlady said...

Hillary! You seem to be in a better place (mentally I mean) today. I love the postive thinking and really works! Believe it and you shall receive it.

Isn't it amazing how talking to T just puts a pep in your step? He has this amazing way of doing that...we know with him that everything is going to work out for the best.

Health Girl said...

I don't know why I lose sight of the positive visualization so easy sometimes. I think I have just taken a beating physically here lately and that has really worn me down mentally.
Talks with T are always helpful!