Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tasty AND Good For You??

Well, it depends on what you are doing if this is good for you, but for taste - 10+ on my scale. After a long debate with myself (and the help of my husband) I decided that I needed to try a new direction. I have been a vegetarian for 5 years. Well until just last week. I had not lost much weight at all- and it wasn't anything that lasted more than a week when there was some loss- despite the hours of cardio I was putting in each week. I decided to go back to a plan I had done 7 or 8 years ago called Body for Life. I am now eating turkey and chicken and protein drinks. Protein drinks can cause some ill side effects like bloating, gas and nausea, not to mention some just taste bad. Because I am relying so much on getting more protein in my system I need a decent shake to get my 6 meals in. I can't possible cook enough chicken and turkey- and I need something else to "shake" things up. Muscle Milk is my new favorite product. Yum is the first word that comes to mind. Second is good for my lifestyle. I workout 6 days a week now. 3 days are High Intensity Interval Training Cardio days. The key is intervals of intensity. The other 3 days are pyramid style intense weight trainings. So far I love the workouts. I'll go deeper into Body for Life another time. For now I am posting kudos about Muscle Milk. There are plenty of reviews out there that go over the more scientific nature of the formulation. Basically the best time for this mix is before bed and as a mid-meal. The proteins found in Muscle Milk are a blend of long acting and short acting (based on digestion times). The fat content concerns some people, but if you watch your fat intake and eat clean in all your other meals, the fat content is not a factor to concern yourself with. Would I recommend drinking Muscle Milk for all 6 meals. Nope. That goes against a well rounded nutritional plan. However, it tastes good enough to think about doing that. I haven't tried all flavors (I think there are around 20). Vanilla is my favorite choice because its gives me recipe options. I think I have discovered a new way to make a legal ice cream. Frozen banana, skim milk, muscle milk- blend in food processor for a creamy, tasty impostor that won't kill your health goals (just remember to only have ONE serving!).

One last thing- you can order online or go into a number of supplement/ health / workout places to get Muscle Milk. Where did I get mine? Target! And I don't have to feel like a meat head with a 5lb jug of protein. Though those 5lbs jugs are more cost effective. I will be ordering online from soon, but if you want to try it out and get a smaller container Target has a few flavors to get you addicted, I mean started.