Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am kicking butt and taking names today. ;) I did a nice bike workout today. 43 minutes of mostly steady state with some intervals thrown in. I also did some chest and shoulders. I love shoulders. :)

I emailed John today. We shall see what happens from here. I am nervous. I'm so weird like that. I always get like this when I meet new people or have to make decisions. The bottom line is I *MUST* be able to trust him. I need to be able to contact him when I need help. I'm not high maintenance in this way at all. But if I reach out, then I really do need help. If I feel comfortable and I can trust him, I will do whatever he says without question. That alone will help me succeed more than ever. Its going to be tight financially, but I *need* this. I need it for me. If I don't make some serious improvements soon, its going to get bad. I know that I can make progress with a good program. I just need this direction right now. I have done so well this week eating clean and the scale has barely budged at all. I've done great in my workouts and still little progress. I'm calling on the top dawg to get me in shape. This is my last shot at an on-line trainer.


John is freaking AWESOME! I am totally confident now! We talked for an hour. He gave me sound explanations, he listened, he had great examples and he really made me feel I could trust in him and his wife. I am taking the dreaded before pictures and next week I will have a plan. *Gasp* YAY!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stress is just an obstacle

I had a rough day yesterday mentally. It was super stressful at work. I'm getting to the point where I just want to walk away. Not the smartest idea, especially in this economy. I just think its total crap that I am forced to put up with a negative, hostile and abusive work environment because I get paid well and the economy is in the dump. To make matters worse, the laid off more people in Cleveland and when GM gets to its official cutting, our area is affected again for the 100th time. My company isn't laying off anyone yet, but they are weeding people out. It looks like they are cleaning house soon. I had my job threatened 5 times last night as my boss went off on a tirade about the state of our store. Well bossman if you had run the store properly without being a lunatic, perhaps we wouldn't have issues. I don't really believe him, but he's threatening to wipe out the entire store. Riiiiight.
I seriously just want out of this situation but I am stuck for now. I am working on some ideas, but right now I carry our benefits. If I walk, no health insurance. I just have to keep pressing on.

I didn't mean to blabber on about that. The main thing was I didn't freak out and eat bad foods. I wanted to. But I made it through. This ear infection is kicking my butt. I was dizzy at work and I feel loopy this morning. I have congestion and my ears are still popping a lot. I'm still going to workout today. I'm done with my body breaking down every time I try to get it into a healthy place. It has to get healthy sooner or later. Since I am removing the toxins going in, I'm assuming the struggle now is the toxins leaving the body.

Off I go to workout.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Check In

Just a quickie check in. Compliant AGAIN yesterday! Woot! I had to take this morning as a rest day. I may ride the bike tonight. My ears hurt and my foot hurt so bad. I am hoping it won't cause me issues at work. That's what happens when you run with too much weight on a bad foot. At least the scale is moving in the proper direction. I have been fighting some cravings the last few days, but I'm winning. I wanted ice cream yesterday but I said no.

I know its clear to many of you out there, but... Diet is almost everything! The more I think about it, the more true it is. It just makes perfect sense. If I pollute and burden my body with toxic crap and too many calories, it doesn't matter what I do. It can't be outworked. I'm loving this new mindset. Why eat junk and waste more time and energy trying to undo what I ate? Its much easier to eat to fuel my body than to do damage control.

Dear Food Addiction,
I'm winning.

Monday, April 27, 2009

24 weeks?

So I got up at 5:20 this morning to get my workout in, eat, and get ready for work. Ooops. I don't open today, I close! I planned to do my walk this evening, but this works out great. Its supposed to be near 90* today and I'm sure that 7pm won't bring much heat relief. I got a nice little sunburn yesterday so the cool breeze and early morning sun is much better. I am finishing my PWS and heading out to the park for a morning walk instead. :)

I am disappointed that I let myself slip back to this point. One year of hard work and restrictions, blown out of the water in 3 months time. I'm frustrated because I essentially threw out a ton of money. Money on supplements and trainers. I threw out time. Time I could have spent doing a million other things. My body was going to gain some back no matter what I did with the hormone fiasco, but I didn't have the fight and drive anymore and I eventually caved. Many lessons learned. It wasn't all a waste. I met some fantastic people in person and on line. I am taking last year for what it was. This year I am planning to hold onto my progress. I have 27 weeks until my anniversary. 24 weeks until the NPC NATURAL NORTHERN USA. I'm going to shoot for bikini right now. I really can do whatever I set my mind to do. The trick is staying focused and committed for the entire duration. Can I do this? Can I stay focused and committed for 24 weeks?

Okay, gotta run. Time to get my cardio in. ;)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Its Good to Be Alive!

Its a glorious day today! Here, the sun is shining, I got my walk in at the park and I just ate a delicious salad. Yummm. :)

I have a lot of yard to work to do today. Its my first nice day off to do some yard clean up. I'll be busy today. It will cool off later in the week so I am taking advantage of all the nice sunshine and warmth I can. It gets me extra motivated and inspired.

I did a lot of thinking on my walk. I came to the conclusion that my problem with... life... is that I am too rebellious. I am such a rebel and many times with out a cause. Its great when I am fighting for something worthwhile. You totally want me on your side. If you happen to be my body, well... apparently not so much. Between trust issues and rebelling. *Yeeeeessshhhh* No wonder I keep falling down. Add in a little ADD and I'm a hot mess.
I need to stop fighting everything, TRUST the trainer and/or program, and FOCUS. I might get hurt, but I could also see some real changes in my life. I'm making THIS year, MY year.

I will WORK HARD AND SMART to achieve my dream body. I will dance and sing and live life again. I will sky dive in Hawaii. I will take my photography to the next level. I can and WILL do this. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

down but not out

*ouch* I have managed to end up with a double ear infection. I am on some good stuff to fix me up. Yesterday was not 100% but I'm not sweating it. I'm 100% today so far and have every intention of keeping it that way. Fluids are key today. I'm not feeling so spiffy in the ears but my energy is amazingly good. Good clean foods and no toxins make for a great feeling. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh yeah!

Another day down, 100%! I'm so happy with how I did. I had several mentally and emotionally taxing moments. Several times I was ready to find some hot chocolate, but I knew food wouldn't solve anything. It would only give me a moment of relief and then my issues would be compounded with guilt. SO... anyway.

I feel great! I am still hating my job and mostly my boss, but I am not letting him or my circumstances influence my food choices.

I'm on a roll!

Its a beautiful day out. Too bad I have to work. :( Oh well. Its gorgeous outside. I got a cardio session in and M1 devoured. I was STARVING this morning. I am chugging away at the water. 1 liter in.

1 week , 3 days until a vacation. Not going anywhere special, but I won't be at work! :)

Off to work!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today... I WON!

Today, I won. I was a winner. :)

I ate right on plan. No extras! I was starving after work. That happens if I miss my late snack and then get out late, too. I wanted chocolate for some reason, but I didn't cave! I had some almonds and then made my big yummy salad! I had visions of all sorts of other food, but my salad was fantastic! I am now pleasantly filled after dinner. I love the feeling of success. :) I'm keeping this moment in my mind for other moments that will no doubt sneak up to tempt me.

AND... The coolest thing of today... I saw not one, not two, but THREE Rainbows!!! Bright and bold, beautiful rainbows. WOWOWOWOWOW! I just love them so. They stop me dead in my tracks every time and make me pause. I take in their beauty and I just feel so at peace and so joyful. :) There's just something about rainbows that fill me with wonder and love. I truly feel grateful today.

Day by Day

Poison Enemy # 1 - HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

Its in EVERYthing! It took me over an hour to shop yesterday and people glared at me a few times. Screw them, I'm reading the freaking label! I do my best to stay out of the way. Anyway... I read so many labels yesterday and was amazed. Its no wonder our bodies get confused. We give it foreign material to deal with and expect everything to be okay. I love how Jillian compares us consuming chemicals and false foods. I'm paraphrasing here: Its like being in a foreign country where you never learn the language. You just make do with whatever comes your way and try to communicate the best you can by wild hand gestures. Isn't that hilarious? Its so true though. Our poor bodies just don't know what to do with some of the chemical messengers we ingest.

I didn't purchase much that was in any kind of container. Just oatmeal and a gluten free muffin mix (hey the husband is slowly coming around to this all fresh approach).
I bought all organic veggies and some organic beans. I made a fabulously fresh chili. Good thing, too. Our furnace is broke. Brrrr. Its 60* in my house right now and 38* outside. I'm going to workout in a few so I won't notice it again until I cool off.

I think I need to take pictures today. I need some accountability. I also want to show my starting point. I could look at last year I am sure. I'm trying not to beat myself up. I certainly have learned a lot along the way. I just wish I could be thinner and still have learned. I need to recalculate some goals and realign myself. This is a new way of life. Boxes are easier to prepare, but fresh is going to give me the energy I need to keep eating fresh. ;)

Off to lift...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Step by step

Its funny how things have come full circle for me. I am back to being a more discerning consumer. I am opening my eyes again to the poisons I consume. There are plenty of things that will be difficult to control. But what I can control I should and WILL. I wish I had the money to toss everything that has a negative impact and replace it immediately with the healthier alternative, but at this time I don't. Food and pure water are the first steps. Ultimately my make-up and hygiene products will go more natural as well. Cleaning products are somewhat there already, but I need to step it up and be more diligent.

The last few weeks have brought me to this point, but most specifically I read information the last few days from various, unrelated sources that also point me back to natural. Jillian Michael's book has SO much good info! Jenny McCarthy is also a great point of reference. Her son is autistic and ultimately came around to a more natural way of living because of him. She needed to remove anything and everything she could that was chemical and unnatural. She also dropped gluten and dairy. She saw a huge improvement in his health and well being. She also managed to drop a lot of weight herself. She hit 200 lbs and is now back to being HOT! She does yoga and eats as purely as possible.

SO... the two J.Ms (Jenny & Jillian) have impacted me. I know this a process and it will take time, but my body and life will be better for each small step. I am so excited and happy to be back at this place. I feel lighter already- and not from any weight change. I feel less burdened and worried. I have known all along that some of the things I was doing and consuming to lose weight weren't in alignment with my original feelings. I'm ditching chemicals and embracing mother nature! Its been said "If it doesn't grow from the ground or have a mother, you shouldn't eat it." Jillian is a fan of that statement. I personally cringe at the mother part, but at this place I am at I am choosing organic and well treated animal products. I am keeping them at minimum consumption.

Today might include a trip to Trader Joe's. :) I love Trader Joe's. I haven't been there in a few years. :( Can't wait!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am re-vamping my blog a bit. :)

I am going back to my roots friends. When I felt my healthiest and happiest I was doing certain things. All signs are pointing me back that way. I was silly to have left that method of living.

I know Tina has blogged about it and Stacey has also made mention of Jillian Michaels' new book- Master Your Metabolism. I decided to pick up a copy at Target. Amazon is cheaper, but I wanted it NOW. AND it was cheaper than Borders. :P Friends- get this book! Seriously.

I used to buy organic foods. I used to use organic and natural cleaners. I used to avoid chemicals and "fake foods". I used to do a lot of things... In my quest for thinness I lost a lot of perspective. Sure, money had a lot to do with some of my choices, but in the end I was trying different things in desperation.

I am revamping my blog and taking a different approach. I am going back to "my place". I am eliminating the junk. I simply cannot afford to live this unhealthy way anymore. I think you will see a new and refreshed side of me. I am feeling better now that I am back on HBC. I hope to one day eliminate that as well, but for now I must use it. My headaches are basically gone. I think the small one or two that I have had are from sinuses. I am SO less stressed now. :)

I am running late for work now. Poo! Expect new and great things!!

More later....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its been 2 days back on HBC (hormonal birth control). I'm pleased with the results already. Migraines- *poof* gone. I'm pretty irritated that the doctors I talk with all acknowledge that hormones can cause headaches but no one seems to know how or why. Or at least no one will explain it or acknowledge that something in my hormone levels is amiss. At this point my head is not ready to fall off my body so I'm not complaining. I am just praying that everything else will straighten out. I don't want to deal with other side effects like more weight gain, depression, acne, etc. So far my face is clearing a little, but I think that was part of my cycle to begin with. I'm avoiding the scale from now on. I have been busting tail for a week on workout- though I was terrible weak and exhausted for a few. I have been so good with food. You'd think that since it was SO easy to pack on that some of it would come off. Nope. I am trying not to freak out, but I feel huge. I am huge. Its been a year since I first started BFL and I am right back where I started. :( I am trying hard to stay positive. I just wanted to be in such a different place by now. I envisioned being a hot fitness chic by now. I'm okay if that's not my path, but I don't have to be a cow do I?

I can do this. In 6 months I am going to be at least 50lbs lighter. Hopefully more. I am going to go skydiving in Hawaii. I have already envisioned this and felt it many times. I am doing this as a present to myself. I am going to be light and beautiful and free. I'm going to hold on to that image and see where it takes me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, It ON!

So this was the FIRST Easter ever that I didn't have chocolate treats and all sorts of other crappy foods. I had some potatoes and salty ham, but my calories for the day were under 1300. I drank tons of water and did ChaLEAN Extreme along with an additional 40 minute walk. It is TOM so I shouldn't be that surprised- especially after that salt loaded ham... I am UP 2 lbs since last week. Grrrr. The best part of all this. Today is THE LAST DAY I will ever see this weight. NEVER AGAIN!! ITS ON BABY! I'm SO over this tubby, chubby fat suit. I have a beach body that is tired of being hidden. I have energy that needs to be found. I have health that is tired of being tested. I have food prepared for part of the week. I have a plan in place and a back up in case life happens in a way that I didn't plan for.

I did 35 minutes on the bike this morning. 40 minutes is planned for tonight. Supplements, Super Shake and 1 liter of water in. ACV, Lemon Juice, GT water mixture ready for work. I may walk for 30 minutes at lunch if the weather holds up. Its looking questionable now, but I'll do what I can.

Work is testing my strength daily. The headache hit me yesterday and is lingering this morning. I woke up with a bloody nose. Am I letting it stop me? NO. I have to keep pushing. I have to. Saturday I am going back on HBC. I'll deal with coming back off of it later when the rest of my health is in order. For now I need to be able to live life and do what it takes to remove the fat suit.

"I am strong, sexy, slender and healthy. I deserve to be this way. I love myself."

(That's going to take some work to believe, but dangit I'm going to believe it one of these days!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Supplements and Super Shake

What I have learned over the last few months is that consistency is absolutely imperative. I must do certain things everyday. Some form of exercise, my supplements and my "Super Shake" are those things.

My Supplements: Multi-Vitamin, Magnesium, Vitamin D, EFAs, Liver Tab, BCAA's (on lifting days), Calcium in the evening, Joint Care.

My Super Shake is almost always the same. Sometimes I vary the frozen berries from strawberries to blueberries. I also have used green tea instead of water and extract. This shake really is awesome. I feel so great when I have at least one of these a day.

Super Shake Ingredients:

* Water (I use the Magic Bullet and fill to the 2nd line- I think its about 10oz)
* Green Tea Extract
* 1 TBSP Greens Plus - Berry Flavor. The Berry Flavor is the ONLY one to get!
* 1 TBSP Milled Flax
* 1 1/2 Scoops Bev Int Vanilla UMP
* 3 TBSP Stony Field Organic Vanilla Yogurt
* Frozen Strawberries - 1 single serve pouch (Target has these! AWESOME!)I think its about 1/2 cup 30 calories worth

I add Beverly International's Glutamine w/ BCAAs after lifting sessions for recovery.

I thought I would share these in case it might benefit anyone. :) I still order all my supps from Best prices I can find and FREE shipping for orders over $50.

A Beautiful Day

Its a beautiful, sunny day. I am heading downstairs for some ChaLean Extreme. Then I am going outside for a walk. Its a bit brisk out, but nice for a long walk. I plan on taking some pictures and enjoying the day. This afternoon I'll be running around to family so I am enjoying the morning for myself.

I am off to accomplish as much as I can. I can feel a headache coming on and I'm NOT letting it ruin my day!


Friday, April 10, 2009

So today I threw in the towel. I slept almost 7 hours. I got a horrible migraine after the emo moment. So yeah, I called off and it was a good decision. I still have a lingering headache but I am chugging water this evening and I took some extra magnesium.

I am looking at tomorrow as a fresh new day. I plan to go downstairs and kick ass with Chalene. I know that I am strong. I am stubborn and determined.

Off to bed...

And the walls, come tumblin, tumblin


I didn't feel like working out this morning but I made myself go downstairs to do some ChaLean Extreme. I usually feel better after I start. I get in to it and I feel strong and healthy. Not today. I ended up in a puddle on the floor. Just sobbing. I am so weak today. Everything felt 100x harder than ever. I know this is PMS. I slept an extra 4 hours during the day yesterday and slept like a rock for 8 more hours last night. I feel tired and weak. I feel even worse mentally now. My legs just won't hold me up trying to do all the squat and lunge work.
I just feel... hopeless. I feel like I may never be able to lose weight. My face is an ugly, oily zit pit. Nothing I do will clear it up. I have acne on my back now. I feel as gross and ugly as a person could possibly feel. I can't stop crying. I am minutes away from calling off work right now. What a nightmare I am. I haven't felt like eating in 2 days. I've had some food, but not much. Nothing sounds or tastes good. And food feels terrible in my stomach. I get heartburn and bloating. My body is broken and I am alone to try and fix it. Everything is normal. Riiiiiiight. How you can you check hormone levels and not know where in my cycle I am? This occurred to me yesterday. Feeling this horrible is NOT normal. I am feeling so overwhelmed. I may go back on birth control. It would seem like being off of it would help me lose weight, but that isn't the case currently. Even eating better and exercising on a program again isn't helping. I feel angry, bitter, neglected... I feel disgusting and gross. I want to be and feel pretty. I want to be and feel happy and hopeful. I want to be and feel healthy and strong.
This whole moment is nonsense. Its one valley on the roller coaster of hormones. I just don't know how many more valleys like this I can take. Some times I feel like checking in to a mental ward. Stability is not a good word to describe me. This chaos in my mind and body is wrecking me. When will this change? When can I get a grip? When will it be clear? When the monster become easier to battle?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keep Pressing Forward

Well, I had hoped for some real news on my lab tests. I'm frustrated at myself for not demanding certain tests. I let title dictate my actions. I know things aren't right in my body. People don't just randomly have the issues I have when everything is "normal". I'm also frustrated that the doctor shrugged me off. 2 doctors say I'm insulin resistant and this one doesn't even run the right tests? *sigh* Whatever. I'm moving forward. I never really wanted to be on medication in the first place and that's all that she would have done for me. The biggest thing I am frustrated over is that everyone keeps saying- "at least everything is normal". No its not. Yeah, I'm glad the major things came back clear, but I'm still NOT normal. I was hoping for answers or a direction. The bottom line is that for now, nutrition and exercise are all I have.

I can't afford a trainer or nutritionist right now, but I have a lot of information. There are a lot of basic no-brainers. There is nothing healthy about candy or anything with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). I'm going to avoid those things like the plague. I need to make it my goal to keep my blood sugar and INSULIN levels even. Small meals throughout the day will make the biggest difference. I actually feel better in a fasted state than I do after a meal, so to me this indicates swings in some hormone level. Fruits and veggies are going to be my main source of carbs. I am going to experiment with gluten. SOMETHING is amiss in my body and I am determined to fix it. I am going to continue with the magnesium supps. I really do think they are helping.

I am fighting off the moodiness and headaches still. Just not nearly as often or severe. I have a headache today and had a nosebleed already, but I'm not letting it get me today. I'll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. I did my ChaLEAN workout. I was really off but at least I did it. I don't feel strong or healthy today- at least right now, but that's ok. I'm focusing on eating clean and getting enough water in. I'm hoping I'll feel better this evening and may do some time on the bike.

I'm moving forward. I may see another doctor later, but for this month I am doing what I know will help. It would just be nice if I could see some real results.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

having a bad moment

Well. The doc didn't run all the tests she should have and everything with me is normal. So headaches, inability to lose weight, excessive facial hair and nosebleeds are normal. :( *cry*

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Forgotten Mineral

We always hear about getting enough calcium. Our bones need more calcium with our poor nutritional habits. High acidic levels in our bodies from loads of sugar, caffeine and high protein cause a bad reaction. High acidity causes our bodies to leach minerals out of our bones in order to balance the pH.
Being in a high acidic state often takes its toll and leads to many dis-ease states like low immunity, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, joint issues, cancerous mutations, diabetes and much, much more.
So what does any of this have to do with minerals?
As many of you know from my health journey, I have struggled with fatigue, asthma, migraine headaches, PMS and hormonal fluctuations, low bone density and insulin resistance.

The results of my DEXA scan indicate that I am headed down the road to osteoporosis. I can tell you that my diet of years past has been a large contributor to this path. The thing is, I have taken calcium supplements for years, despite a poor diet. My mother has osteopenia and my grandmother, osteoporosis. It would seem genetics play a role and I wanted to take precautions. Looking back, it could be poor diets on both of their parts, but regardless, it is a real risk for me. To see just how poorly my bones were doing frustrated me. First step, fix the nutrition. Second step, re-evaluate the supplements I was using. Third, continue weight-bearing exercise. Fourth, research more. What I learned was that bone health requires more than just calcium.

Migraine Headaches have now been linked to low magnesium levels. Many doctors are now using magnesium as a part of treatment. Studies have shown that magnesium levels drop, especially in women in relation to their headaches.
From :
"It was first suggested that a deficiency in magnesium could cause headaches over 70 years ago. It makes sense, because a lot of the things that cause the body to run short of magnesium also either trigger migraines or lower your resistance. For example alcohol, stress, and menstruation. Today we know that about half of the people who get migraines are also short of a certain type of magnesium (serum ionized).
Source Naturals has an excellent supplement which contains 400mg of magnesium, which many doctors suggest as a good amount for migraineurs to take. It's called Ultra-Mag Magnesium complex.
Researchers have been investigating the magnesium migraines connection because of magnesium's role in stabilizing blood vessels walls. Magnesium is also an important mineral when it comes to helping you get to sleep. Regular sleeping patterns are also very important to migraine sufferers. Magnesium also helps in protein synthesis, and keeps your bones strong and helps maintain normal nerve and muscle function."

As for PMS- you guessed it! Magnesium levels are low. "Magnesium deficiency is strongly implicated as a causative factor in premenstrual syndrome. Red blood cell magnesium levels in PMS patients have been shown to be significantly lower than in normal subjects," write Michael T. Murray and Joseph L. Pizzorno in the "Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine." In "A Physician's Guide To Natural Health Products That Work," Dr. James Howenstine writes, "Many women with (premenstrual syndrome) have high sugar and high dairy fat intakes, both of which lower magnesium values in the blood. Supplemental magnesium appears to be a necessity, particularly in persons who are getting little magnesium from their water." PMS-sufferers are also frequently deficient in calcium, zinc and B-vitamins, particularly vitamin B6, and can often benefit greatly from supplementation.
Besides nutritional supplementation, women can help prevent PMS by making changes to their diets. Eating more foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like fatty fish and green leafy vegetables, is important since omega-3 deficiencies have also been linked to PMS. Dr. Stephanie Beling, in "Power Foods," recommends women who suffer from PMS try eliminating meat and dairy products from their diets while increasing intake of fruits and vegetables. Overall, the healthier a woman's diet and lifestyle, the less likely she is to suffer from discomfort from PMS."

As for asthma, the official word is still in question. More studies are being done to determine the total effect and required amounts, but research so far is in favor for magnesium's role in treating/preventing asthma.
"Magnesium is necessary to help relax the bronchial tubes and smooth muscle of the esophagus, making it beneficial to those suffering from severe asthma or bronchial problems." A study reported on in the Lancet, notes that people who have diets lower in Mg have more asthmatic symptoms. People with diets higher in this important mineral have less asthmatic symptoms. Asthma occurs frequently along with allergies, seizures and many other disorders that can all be linked to a Mg deficiency.

It seems magnesium can be tied to many other possible issues. I have joked that I am ADD. While I may joke, sometimes the effect it has on my work and personal life is large. Multi-task is good. Head spinning around in 10 directions, not so much. When I read this next tidbit, my interest was peaked. "In a study from Poland, children with ADHD were been found to more deficient than controls in a selected number of bioelements. Magnesium deficiencies were the most pronounced difference. Magnesium supplementation in the ADHD children decreased their hyperactivity."

**Special note for my fitness friends**
"Supplements like fish oil and magnesium also make the muscle more insulin sensitive. I recommend a minimum of 6 grams of fish oil per day and 300 mg of magnesium. Magnesium forms that end in an "ate," like magnesium aspartate, are more bioavailable."-- Maximizing Nutrient Partitioning: The Insulin Myth
by Jen Heath

Magnesium will help your muscles! When your muscles are more sensitive to insulin, they will store more glucose and your fat cells will become LESS sensitive- meaning less fat storage!

My conclusion from my research is that magnesium is a very important and often ignored mineral. I have been supplementing with magnesium to help with migraines and PMS. So far, so good. The intensity of both has diminished. The migraines are lessening. My cravings are definitely reduced and more mental than the insane physical urges I felt before. I feel I have a choice now. Before, it was as if something else were in control.

It is clear that exercise and healthy nutrition are key. I am choosing supplementation to help me get back to a healthy place. Working out and eating clean will always be the first line of defense. I encourage everyone to learn more and TAKE CHARGE of their health. YOU are the only one who can do that.

Links if you want to learn more in-depth:
Article by Jen Heath

Magnesium Deficiency List

Sunday, April 5, 2009

ChaLean Extreme Day 4

Momma Mia!!
Hellloooo Body! I am so stinkin' sore- and I'm lovin' it! :D I know that it will get easier at some point, but I feel like such a weakling. I used to lift way heavier. I think its just a new way to do things. LOTS of compound movements. In fact, almost the entire workout is just that. :) This is so good for me. I detest lower body workouts because I suck at them. I know that means I should do them more. Its good to have the push in my face every day. I love it! I can tell I'm getting stronger already. I just have a long way to go.

I'm staying off my scale except for 2x a week. My diet the last 2 days has pretty much sucked. Random food at random times. I did get a few salads in though. Its not been a complete failure. Just not as good as I hoped. I worked 2 - 13 hours days. I was beat! I slept hardcore last night. Not much was going to wake me up. I feel pretty good today. I hate to even say it, but so far the headaches are MIA. :) So are the nosebleeds. Yay. I'm even in PMS week. :D I'm trying not to get too excited. I don't want to be disappointed. This is definitely a positive thing to share though. I think the Vitamin D and magnesium have really helped.

I am off tomorrow! Wahoo! Its a beautiful day today. The flowers are blooming. The sun is shining and that ALWAYS makes me feel better. I should just move where the sun shines more often. I'm sure I'd be a happier and healthier person.

Off to get ready for work...

Have a fabulously fit and fun day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

ChaLean Extreme Day 1

I have something positive to say! And I'm making a commitment to say something positive each day. :D No more using this blog to complain, whine and vent. I may still do that occasionally, but that's not what I ever intended this blog to be.

I'm not sure why I neglected to say that I GOT MY SELECT TECH DUMBBELLS!!!! I have wanted these for a year now and I finally made it happen. (thank you tax return) I got a great deal on Amazon with an extra $50 off. So my 5-52 lbs weights were under $400. :D I spent less than if I purchased all the weight separately. I also save a ton of room. The grips are so comfy and switching weights is fast and easy.

I also decided I need some plan to follow completely. Left to my own devices and my low attention span, I end up on 12 different programs in 12 weeks. Something always looks more fun or harder, better, faster, etc. I am SO glad I chose ChaLEAN Extreme! Its 90 days and then a maintenance plan. I love Chalene! She's positive, upbeat and motivating. I don't get that sense of fake-ness. She comes off very real- but just happy and positive! Its great for me at this point because she is there to keep pushing me. I need to be pushed in person at this point in time and this was the least expensive option for me. I am stoked!

My legs are like jello jigglers! My back and shoulders felt the burn and so did my abs. Chalene uses Select Techs (though you can use regular DBs or bands) and that was a final pushing point for me to try this program. Switching the weights is so fast and easy. I pushed hard, worked the muscles slow and really felt the BURN! She's so positive and really works to get your mind in the right place. No more "I can't do anymore". Its- "I'm strong and can do at least one more." :)

Day One ChaLEAN Extreme complete.
Super Shake w/ Greens Plus in.
1 litre of water in.
Vitamins and Supps in.

Game Plan for the rest of the day:
* Enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps!
* Laundry
* Dishes
* Walk in the park - 1 hour
* Grocery Store
* Make meals for the next few days
* Relax

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dr.s Appointment

Well, I'm not sure what to say about it. I had hoped for more. Basically I learned nothing new. We have to wait for blood results that can take up to 2 weeks for. (Really??) Then they'll call and make another appointment. The doctor wants to rule out any other possibilities- which I am all for. I'm just frustrated. She didn't do some of the tests that would give some more specific answers. She specializes in PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome. I guess I have to trust her, but I just don't feel confident. She didn't address my headaches or even ask much about them. I brought them and the nosebleeds up several times. She didn't say anything- nothing reassuring or suggestive that something wasn't right. She wasn't even interested in the patterns. :( I thought for sure these things were important and indicative that things weren't right. She said I can go back on birth control now that the blood tests are done. I'm just surprised she wouldn't want to see my levels first and then prescribe something that made more sense. Why does hormonal birth control have to be such a crap shoot? If we are testing levels then why not make an informed decision? She was surprised at how much I knew about PCOS and future risk factors. I told her I was concerned about my bone density, diabetes and alzheimer's. She didn't seem to care about my concerns much. I guess I'm just really disappointed. She made it sound like it wasn't possible to lose a lot of weight. Just exercising and eating South Beach Style would be good at preventing more health issues. *sigh* How about reversing the damage and healing? I can't make big changes? :( I hate relying on other people. :( I was just one more patient on an extremely busy day for her. Depending on the blood work she said Metformin is the course of action. If that helps, great. At this point I'm pretty frustrated. Tomorrow I am going back to my hardcore effort. I am not settling. I'm just more angry and frustrated. I hope the results are back before I start the pill again. I'm hoping to get the right one, but I'm not doing these headaches anymore. I'm not dealing with this anymore. Its starting to seem that NO ONE can help me but me.