Friday, May 8, 2009

General Update

Its day 4 and I'm still 100%. :) I feel great. I get a little low on energy in the late afternoon but it could be the diet, workouts AND TOM. I'm down at least 5 lbs. I have rice on my diet for the next 3 days and I'm a little nervous. I am following the plan, but man... I am scurred that the carbs will stall me out. I know John knows what he is doing, so... I am eating as prescribed.

My workout was killer today. Mama Mia! Tomorrow ought to be funny. At least I can walk better today. I love these workouts. I sweat like crazy, my heart rate is up and I feel my muscles burning. I'm hoping to make some serious progress. I might be able to do a show with Marissa if I do. :)

I think its funny. I update my Facebook with things about working out. Everyone keeps messaging me asking why I workout so much. Today I got asked if I was doing a bodybuilding show or something. :P

That's the general scoop. I feel great, my clothes are looser and the scale is being nice. Yay!


Marissa said...

you are doing great!! keep it up! isn't amazing what 100% on plan can do! all positive results! and you will for sure be ready for the october show with me! i'm counting on it! :)

Health Girl said...

Just let me know when for sure. What federation was it again?

I also wanted to say it sure helps being on a program I like with an awesome trainer. ;)