Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still goin'

Crushed the shoulder/leg workout today. My arms are all shaky. I can barely type. lol
I'm sweating like a freak and it feels great! My stomach was not too good last night and somewhat questionable this morning, but I think John's magic formula for kicking the flu worked. I should be back on track 100% today. I'm bummed I had to have the detour- I did check in with John for advise on what to eat, so I don't feel guilty, just bummed. I am hoping my progress isn't too derailed by this. I'm kicking up the intensity the next few days, so I should be okay.

I'm so proud of my friends who competed yesterday. CONGRATS again!! :D

I'm not sure if I can speed up the progress and be stage ready by October. I'll listen to John. He feels at this moment that 25 weeks was ideal. We'll just have to see how my body responds and how compliant I am. So long as I get no more of these nasty stomach issues, I should be okay. When my stomach goes wonky I get freaked out. I hate to eat at all and when I do its crap like crackers and graham crackers. I wonder why that is? Its bland and soaks up weird stomach juices? I dunno. I just know that I am very afraid to eat normal solid foods. Weird.

I have to work today and tomorrow. I'm pretty happy with how I feel with the program so far. I can feel changes. I just wish pictures and measurements would catch up. My clothes are looser. C'mon body. We got some changing to do.

Off to shower and work.


April said...

I'm the same way when I use to get sick. I LOVE wheat thins!

Now I haven't been sick in awhile but if I am i'll have the BFL ice cream :) That's what I did when I had my wisdom teeth out.