Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reflection on my first big food hurdle

Okay, so not my very first food hurdle, but the first big one while on this plan with this trainer.
Tonight was my first social situation where my food had to be different. It was taco night at the in-laws and there was booze galore, all the great taco fixings and lots of dessert. I was feeling okay about all of it really. I wasn't expecting the peer pressure! I got bombarded with not doing shots and not drinking wine. I got a few questions after I had my separate dinner set out, but finally everyone eased up. I even got a compliment for staying strong. I won't lie- while I love Mexican food, this wasn't that tempting. It was the mindlessness that started creeping in that almost caused me to grab a lick of frosting! I am becoming so much more aware of these little mindless habits. It makes me wonder how often I've done things like this without even realizing it. No wonder I got fat!

I can say I feel fabulous without all the junk. I know I felt better after my portioned and balanced meal than anyone else did after the gigantic portions of garbage. Score one for snobbery. :P I really am proud. I fought off the "just one little X" demon. I feel victorious.


Tearose said...

Good for you! Its the little things tat add up to the big successes. Everyday really is a battle, and you won! woot!

CathyC said...

same here-I too felt pressure last night but I just couldn't give up my happy stride of eating well-the pleasure of chocolate in my mouth would of lasted one minute and then what?? I didn't cave in either-so I feel your victory-we can do this!

Health Girl said...

:) Thanks ladies!
Victory is ours anytime we want it bad enough.

WTG not caving Cathy! And you're right- one moment of pleasure followed by guilt and remorse. So NOT worth it! Let's do this!