Friday, May 22, 2009

Genreal thoughts

I haven't really had much to blog about. I'm doing great on my plan. I got derailed for 2 days because of the stomach flu, but now I am back on target. Allergies have decided to kick my butt this year. The last couple days my workouts have been weak, but I'm getting through them. I'm getting anxious. I NEED to get some of this weight off faster. I know I need to be patient, but I just want to feel a little freer. Not so bogged down. I want to wear tank tops and feel decent not all gross and flabby. I don't really have much cardio to do yet, so I'm sure we'll see some more changes once that gets added in. I'm finding that now I want to do more social things than I usually do and that typically involves food and alcohol. I'm abstaining from participating for now. I know I can't handle it. I wish I could. I wish MORE that I was already at my goal and that I could afford a free meal without major consequences. I'll get there one day. For now its step by step, meal by meal and workout by workout.

I really want to be in the 180's for my next progress report. Hopefully by the end of June I'll be in the 170's nearing 160's... It seems so far away. I wish I could weigh in the 160's NOW. I am so OVER being this fat. I can't wait to strut my stuff in my hot bikini and look back at this. I NEVER want to be here again. I'm done with it. I know with John's guidance and experience he'll get me there. I'm putting in the work. I deserve this.


Marissa said...

you're right; YOU DESERVE THIS! Keep up the good work and the progress will come!

CathyC said...

me too I am sooo impatient-I want it now, but the weight is a small part of our success, the big challenge is to always keep our mindset positive to believe in ourselves-we can do this :))