Monday, March 16, 2009

A bit of rambling on my health

16 Days until my doctor's appointment. Woo! I am not thrilled about having a lot of blood draws, but I am tired of feeling so whacked. The last day or so has been decent. My body is aching like crazy though. My lower back, hips and ankles have been so sore. *Weird* Last night my wrists started hurting and today my upper back and neck hurt. All my joints feel... crunchy. Crunchy and achy. Nothing has changed in my routine or shoes... I'm trying not to take pain killers, but it looks like I might take some Tylenol today. My face is starting to clear up! THANK HEAVENS! I was feeling WAY gross. And they those dang pimples HURT.

6 weeks from today starts my vacation. I can't wait! I am trying to push hard so I can feel lighter and more energetic. The plan right now is to go to the Rocky Mountain National Park so I can take some pictures. :D I need to expand my subject base.

Since I started my health plan with supplements and using Greens Plus AND stopping birth control my energy levels have been better. I'm not dying for a nap all the time. When the headaches are really bad I want to sleep, but not because I am tired really. I just want to relax and shut everything out. Hormones are confusing. I am hoping and praying that this new doc can help me. I want to keep my energy and keep the depression away. I have had sad moments during all this PMS-like stage, but nothing like the depression I experienced for the last 8 years. I was always tired, lethargic and typically depressed about life. I had some okay moments and happy times, but my general demeanor has been ho-hum and glum. Another strange thing I have noticed with my hormones is related to appetite. The last few days I could care less if there is chocolate and candy. I'm not that hungry or interested in food. I have hunger pain and feel bothered to eat. Before I was raging for food ALL THE TIME.
Mood, weight, energy levels (ie- exhaustion), appetite & cravings, quality of sleep, skin condition, hair, and so many other things are affected by hormones. That's probably a *duh* statement, but I needed to summarize it. The last 8 years of my life (on Hormonal Birth Control) have been tough. I ONLY wish I would have understood things weren't right sooner. Funny how years of going to different doctor's and NOT ONE mentioned birth control as something effecting me. I've been to family care docs, two OB/GYNs, sleep specialist, a neurologist... It was my new OB/GYN who mentioned PCOS and Insulin Resistance. My family care doc mentioned IR on the last visit. I'm not saying HBC is bad, just maybe I have been on the wrong levels the entire time. I know not everything is the HBC's fault either. I take ownership of the Ben & Jerry's I ate for sure. I'm just frustrated no one (especially the OB/GYN) seemed to listen to or care about my complaints. Maybe things are just now better understood. My endocrinologist specializes in PCOS, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes. Set me straight doc. Please. Let's get this fixed. Its tiring to fight day in and day out.

So this entry turned into a ramble. Oy. Oh well. I needed to get some thoughts out. Time to do some cardio.

Make today an awesome day!


Vic said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and there are two things that initially come to mind.

First, do you have a holistic doctor - one that practices Integrative Medicine? If you can locate one, I would highly, highly, highly recommend that you see one. Integrative Medicine is basically taking western medicine (typical US pharma types) and combines it with a very holistic, individual-oriented approach at the source of health issues. Such doctors will typically spend an hour or two with you just TALKING...and then work to find the reason for you not feeling well, rather than treating symptoms with medicine.

Secondly, there is an area of nutrition called raw / super foods, which have been a God-send for so many. I have begun commenting a little about them on my blog and will write more - as I have begun using them and feel a tremendous difference - and have heard first hand accounts from people who have been amazed at the transformation in their health & wellness in their lives just by taking in these natural, organic foods. Just like we were intended to do.

I pray that you find the source(s) of what ails you and hope some of this may help. You can contact me if you'd want to find out more, if you're not familiar with these two things I mentioned.

Michelle said...

Hey Hillary

I just found out I have PCOS also..So I know what you are going through but it is nice to know that that may be the reason for not losing weight.

They will be starting me on fertility drugs soon and hopefully we can get it under control.

Hope everything is well