Sunday, March 1, 2009

General Update

So I last week I was at the same weight I was last May. Its completely heart wrenching. I can't say its all my hormones' fault. I have certainly given in to eating junk. In the last month I gained 10lbs. I am frustrated. I have been working out everyday still, but the eating has just fallen. Work is still insane and eating every 2-3 hours seems as easy as climbing Mt. Everest. Its a stupid obstacle I have yet to overcome. I am bringing the Magic Bullet to work tomorrow. Hopefully that will help. The biggest thing is getting a few moments to sneak back and eat.

I am back to having daily migraines. I'm really upset about this. The Magnesium isn't really helping yet and I can't take any birth control/hormones until after my blood work in April. I am praying I will make it. My work is less than understanding and I have high quotas to meet. I need to get this straightened out as soon as possible. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and sometimes it just gets to me where I can't function. I had a break earlier today where I the headache seemed to disappear. Its coming back and I can feel its going to go south. I need to get to bed soon. I am supposed to have an interview tomorrow for a promotion. I am doubtful I will get the position. I think they already have their decision made. I figure its worth a shot though. At worst its an opportunity to practice my interviewing skills. Who knows, another position may open up somewhere else. I hope this headache is gone. I can't focus well when my head is like this.

Nosebleeds- I found out these can come from hormonal imbalances, too. Great. It seems like my body is just whacked. I *HAVE* to get 100% compliant with my program. No more deviation. I have to get myself healthy on the inside- and FAST!

I am so frustrated that I have gone backwards. I am determined to lose some of this weight this week. I had to put my fat pants back on. :( I want my smaller pants back! My goal is to lose 10+ lbs this month. I think its doable. I just need to stick to my plan and work hard. If I can't drop the weight eating healthy and clean and working out hard, then I don't know where to go from here.

No more playing around. Its game time!


Tina said...

Hey girl! I was just reading the words to live by on your side bar. I've been battling hormone issues with this comp prep...I have a job where if I take time to eat my patient could die...I can't tell you though how all your quotes put together it really takes to make things happen in your life. Accept no excuses...if you want something bad enough you will make it happen...want it bad are worth it!!!! Trust me...I know!!!

Lori said...

Not nice.. I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch. You can do this though, just keep at it. One meal at a time. One crash doesn't have to equal a day of crashes. (That's what I try to justify)


Health Girl said...

Thanks ladies for the support.

Tina- you are right-as usual. :P I have to want it bad enough and I have to feel like I am worth it. Today is a good day. :)

Lori- its hard for me to get out of that mindset. One crash and it all comes down. Not today. I'm not doing that anymore. :)