Monday, March 9, 2009

Migraines, binges, cats with high vet costs, OH MY!

So what am I up to? :P Well the migraines are still here and I swear there is another woman inside my body and she is a B! I can go from happy and sweet to full-on B#tch in 3 seconds flat. *UGH*! I also can't seem to win the fight against the easter candy. Seriously? Cadbury is my favorite with those damn mini eggs and cadbury eggs. I always feel like crap afterwards but the chocolatey orgasm in my mouth is worth is. :P Until it shows up on my stomach, hips and ever-growing @zz. Why can't I be addicted to like carrots or sex or something? LOL

My Kaiser Kat (aka, Bun, Bubby, Bubs) is a FLUTD/FUS cat. He gets urinary tract issues about once every year and a half. Its my fault for changing up his food. His old food came back into the store I go to and it was cheaper so I went that route. WELL.... yeah, he started having issues- excessive licking, crying in the litter box and peeing wherever. Well, sort of peeing. He was partially blocked. My poor bubs. :( I got him into the vets before it got too bad. It can be fatal in male cats and their condition deteriorates rapidly. He is doing well now. He's been purring on my lap all evening and now he is playing with his new toy mouse he got at the vet's. Awww. :) I wuv my kitty. I'm glad he's okay. I knew he was ready to go to the vet when he climbed in the carrier himself this morning. He's such a good boy.

I am struggling to get a grip. I know what I need to do, but its just keeping me where I am at. I am not making progress. I know that eating clean and working out hard are important and that I will still be better off doing those things until I get some answers metabolically/endocrinologically speaking. Its tough to not just give up and be a blob. I hate being all chunky-monkey like. Its not me. The headaches aren't me. The nose bleeds aren't me. The ravaged hungry beast is not me. The PMSing B isn't me. So who am I? I'm not quite sure at the moment. Lots of thoughts and changes occurring. I still haven't got the right words, but when I do I'll share for sure.

Thanks for reading my blog and encouraging me. I SOOOO appreciate you friends!!



Lori said...

OMG Poor Bubs. He's gorgeous!! :)

Hang in there, and I feel your pain on those damn Cadbury eggs! UGH!!! They just sneek into your dirty little fingers and you just can't say no! ... and for such little eggs, they pack quite the punch - you really do feel like you've eaten a truckload just after one! It's so not worth it, but we still do it!! :S

Almost, ALMOST half way through March! One meal at a time... I'm right with you there!

You know how just because you mess up one meal, you think the day is a wash? Well.... I had that attitude for this past weekend! I'm so dumb... :P

Back on track, today is a new day! We can do this girl!! :D

Conni said...

Hillary step away from the candy or your B side will only come out more!

Is your cat fixed? My male cat is & they told me to only feed him Science Diet which is all he has had (except for his 1 can of fancy feast a week as a treat) He hasn't had any urinary problems & he had his surgery when he was 6 months old & he is now going on 12 years old.

Hang in there girl. You WILL get answers!

Miss you on the Glamazons!