Monday, March 30, 2009

Rainbows and such

So the last couple of days have been pretty good. I've been happy that the headaches are minimal and my moods have been more stable than not. Yesterday a sadness crept in that I could not shake. By the end of the day I was crying. Not because of stress, but because I just felt so sad. :( I felt like my life was really lacking. I know I am not on the path I desire, but this flood of emotion caught me off guard. It started off from a dream I had woken up from. The rest of the day kinda went south from there. I am still trying to shake the sadness this morning. The headaches are creeping back again. So I'm trying to keep the severity down. Last night I was SO anxious. I was figidty and nauseous. I guess its been nice that I haven't been able to eat much the last few days. I only have today and tomorrow. Wednesday is the day! I'm excited and nervous. I *HATE* needles. I have small veins and its a pain to draw blood from me. I am hoping for some answers or relief. More than likely I'll have to wait for another appointment. But I can hope...

Yesterday the weather was weird. It would rain then be sunny, then rain and be sunny. I looked out the window at work and saw sun AND rain. I asked out loud- Ooo I wonder if there will be a rainbow. I looked a little to the left and WOW!! It was the most gorgeous rainbow I have ever seen! It was dark and vibrant. You could see each color distinctly. It was a full rainbow and there was a faint second one on top. Rainbows are magical to me. They are special and cause to stop for a moment and reflect. Some people stopped and took in the moment, but most people could have cared less. ??? I was really sad that most people didn't care. How is that possible? I don't care how many I have seen already, each one is different and special. I was bummed I didn't have my camera, but we have camera phones! :D Sucky composition in these, but you'll still see how wonderful it was.

If you look real hard you can see the second one real faint on top.... :D

Magical I say!


Miss Rachel said...

The rainbow is beautiful. And magical. One time you could see a rainbow from my office and a whole "herd" of people headed over to the windows. At least you took the time to appreciate this one. Thanks for taking the pictures.

Good luck with your doctor's appointment.

aquariangirl said...

this made me smile ! i needed that ... rainbows are magical indeed