Sunday, March 22, 2009


Timing is everything, eh?

I've been thinking a lot and today Liimu's blog fell in line with what I have been thinking about.

Here is part of my response to her blog. I was able to really pull out what has been on my mind.

The biggest hurdle I face (and it seems you are on the same level with this) is: feelings dictating action (or inaction). NO! "I don't feel like eating chicken and broccoli again." I don't feel like working out for 90 minutes." "I feel like eating something comforting that tastes yummy." See a pattern? I'm not trying to be mean. Trust me I KNOW its hard. The way I see it, I ate what I felt like and did or didn't do what I felt like for so long and really- where has it gotten me? It got me to fat and lazy with bad habits. Old habits die hard.
Its not that you have to hate your workouts or food. You don't have to LOVE them either. Try just being observant of your meals. How many bites are you taking? How does the food feel in your mouth? The tastes? Set the fork down (or cup when its a shake) in between bites or drinks. Don't judge the taste or texture, just observe. Its hard to do, but it might make things more interesting for awhile.

Sometimes I feel like I have to pay my dues. A hurricane only takes a few hours and maybe a a few days to cause complete devastation. It takes weeks, months and sometimes years to repair and rebuild in the aftermath. So... all the damage I've done to my body over the years will take longer to repair. And DAMN! is that a hard pill to swallow. I want my beach ready, model body now, too.

My final thought not in my response:

So- the conclusion I have come to is that its just going to take hard work to get this done. Anyone who claims weight loss is simple and easy is lying- or never had much weight to lose. Sometimes the weight comes off faster and easier but the reality is, that large amounts of weight take longer. I trained my body to store fat in case of stress and famine. My body doesn't realize yet that its okay, its not necessary to hang on to the fat. Undoing that will take time. And forcing my body to burn fat as fuel (not its first choice in fuel) is not going to feel good.

Summer is still coming whether I like it or not. No more tomorrows, no more doubts. Its time to just kick it. The reward will be worth it.


Marissa said...

You should call John. His diets are NOT like what you are used too. I've had turkey sausage, PB toast, pineapple to name a few things I had on my diet...and all of this came within a few weeks of my comp. And I feel great! But I know what you don't want to be miserable to be "skinny" me there IS a way to do this and enjoy your life and food!!!