Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yesterday was a good day. I made it through with just a tiny headache at the end of the night when I was tired. No biggie. :) I did the photo shoot with my friend and it was so much fun! (Thanks for the pep talk Lori!)
I got some really nice pictures that we will both be happy with. Here's one:

Today I am not feeling so great. My stomach is still in knots and my head is hurting. I don't understand. I almost feel anxious but I don't know why. I got some time in on my bike and I should eat breakfast but I just can't. I tired a little Kashi Go Lean and I gagged. :( I can barely get water down. What's up?? Food is just a pain lately. The last few days I haven't wanted to eat anything. The cravings are dwindling down. yay. Too bad the headaches are still here.

I have to close with the crazy boss tonight. Not feeling happy about that. At least I have some friends closing with me. Today the sun is shining. I always have something I can appreciate. :)


Marissa said...

You really do have a talent. This picture is amazing, and you friend is absolutly beautiful! I'm serious girl!! You are amazing with the camera and in general :)

Lori said...

Gorgeous pic Hillary!!! I'm so glad you had a good shoot with her.

I hope your close goes well.

Health Girl said...

:) Thanks friends! It was so fun doing this. Man was I nervous! :P We both got over that quickly though. I so want to do my photography. For now its still working for the man until I get better.