Saturday, July 26, 2008


Feeling down. I have been dealing with some nausea for a few days and yesterday it hit me hard. Food and movement are bad. I tried to eat healthy yesterday. Meals were mostly according to plan except for the Sprite. I opted to not work out today. My head hurts, my chest feels very heavy, I am congested now and my balance is way off. I feel like garbage. :( I have to work today. Maybe this bug will just leave me. I am not letting this bring me down. Well I'm trying anyway. I am bummed. I was doing so well. *grumble* Instead of tomorrow being my rest day I am going to do today's workout.
I don't know if I should be emailing Tony. I feel kinda dumb. lol Should I tell him I am sick? Or just wait until Monday's check in? *gah* I don't know.

Off to shower and get ready for work. I am hopping for an easy day with lots of sales and not too much stress. I must be sick if I think that is possible...

I just want my blanket, my pillow and some saltines...



April said...

Definitely tell Tony how your feeling! He is always there for you and even if you get his voicemail leave a message :)

I love your thinking on my sister's car ;) That's my mentality too!

Health Girl said...

Thanks for the advice. I just wasn't sure what to do. I guess I feel like he's got so many other more important clients... I know he said to call him, but not feeling well seemed... unimportant?

I emailed him this morning. I have my workout for tomorrow so I'm just moving forward.

Thanks again. :)