Thursday, July 24, 2008

So far so good :D

So far so good. Things are going well overall but I am really struggling to get all my meals in- and at appropriate times. I just can't believe that its so hard to get a lunch let alone mini breaks. My assistant manager likes to sabotage me. She is making things as hard as possible. I just don't know how to handle her. I'd like to avoid getting the store manager involved, but I may just have to. He's already a little aware.

I need to talk to Tony about my workout and food schedule. Snack 3 is supposed to be after workout no matter what. I workout in the morning and it feels impossible to drink a shake and less than an hour later get oatmeal and eggwhites in. Even when I am hungry enough, I am so rushed. I'm trying to cram some food in because its hit and miss at work. My days off are great. No meal timing issues. Work days are another beast. Today for time's sake, I threw my protein powder in my oatmeal. I'm getting everything in, right? I don't know. I need to ask. I WILL NOT sabotage or screw this up. I am so worried that I'm going to mess up my progress. Its definitely stressing me out. I *SO* need to get a job working from home or something.

For everyone out there- does the ACV/Lemon Juice mixture mess with your stomach? I've been a bit nauseated. Maybe its just detox.


Angela said...

I work out in the morning too so my shake is usually at 8:30am and then my egg white/oatmeal is usually around 9:15-9:30....

the acv/lj doesn't really make me nauseous but it usually just burns my throat at first....

my little mixture that i made is to get a water bottle and mix up a bunch...i use a cup of acv and a cup of lj and then add some water to it and then add some crystal light powder to it and shake it up....makes enough shots for a few weeks....i use the fruit punch crystal light....makes it go down a little easier ;)

Health Girl said...

:) Hi Angela.
I guess I just need to get up a little earlier and make sure I get everything in before I leave for work. The shake is just so filling. lol

I don't do the ACV/LJ shots. I might consider it. Tony told me to drink it in my water and he preferred that I do it that way... I actually like hot water w/ lemon juice and ACV. I hate to say this, but I am wondering if I was nauseous because my MBL (mean boss lady) messed with my water jug... She just snorted when she saw I was drinking water w/lemon juice and ACV. She went on to scold me and warn me about my tooth enamel. *sigh*
Anyway... thanks! I may try doing "shots" from time to time.