Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week 2 - looking good

So far so good. Its only been one day. lol I got an awesome email from Tony yesterday encouraging me to keep up the good work. That made me feel even better than I already felt about my progress. :) I told my manager how much I lost and he responded with a high-five and "awesome job, keep it up". He also gave me no hassle while I was getting all my meals in. Sweet! I tried something different yesterday. I did 30 min cardio yesterday morning and then I did my lifting at night. Usually I do it the other way around. We'll see how that goes. If I keep my body confused, great. I did chest, one back exercise and abs. *whoa* I'm already getting that feeling. The one right before major DOMS kicks in. I am doing shoulders today and I can't decide if I should do them now or wait til tonight? I have to help move a couch and dresser today... This should be fun. I'm drinking as much water as possible today. Maybe that will help.
I have a ton of cleaning to do today. I neglected things last week with the visiting dog and new workout/ meal program. Time to catch up! Must go now... but I'm still a little sleepy... No rest for the weary.

Maybe I'll still have time for a pedicure.... I deserve one, don't I? ;)