Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week One Complete

I can't believe Week One is coming to an end. I am down 6.4lbs. :D My clothes are definitely looser. I checked in with Tony via email. I'm guessing I'll hear from him late tonight or tomorrow. I would love to drop another 6lbs this week. I know that the loss has to slow down, but does it really?? I am so happy. I know I built up some nice muscle this week. I can feel it. Tomorrow looks like upper body workout. I need to go back and print it. I am determined to really push hard on my workouts and make every workout count. I am doing extra cardio this week, too. I didn't get that many extras in last week. I got a bonus at work for exceeding goals and I got it in the form of several gift cards. I am getting a Kohl's card so YAY for buying smaller sizes soon. I can't wait! I SO need to get out of these yucky sizes.

Tonight I want to start working on my "Diva Binder". I am going to fill it with my workouts, images of my dream body, inspirational sayings or thoughts... I'm excited. I love doing artsy things and I think it will help me.

Today my MBL was sweet as sugar. Not one nasty comment or funny look. She was genuinely nice. I guess I'll just roll with it. I think being her "buddy" makes her happy. She was all chatty today and we actually had a fun talk. So weird.

Off to create now... :) Maybe I'll post some pics later.


Angela said...

Congrats on the weigh in :) Thats great! Keep it up will be where you want to be in no time!

April said...

I second what Angela said! Great job!

Health Girl said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm so happy.