Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monday -- It Begins!


I had my phone consult with Tony today! I am so excited! I feel like I really CAN do this! I've got an awesome trainer in my corner- here to help me change for the best- inside and out. Tony was great on the phone. We talked for the full hour! He went over everything and I am pumped about Monday. I went and got my ACV & Lemon Juice tonight. I need to pick up my GTE & Flax Oil on Saturday. I'm planning on ravioli's tomorrow night and on Saturday the DH and I will enjoy some vino. I'll eat some bread one last time at some point-haha! He gave me a preview of what things are looking like for food. No rice, no bread, no pasta, no flour based anything. *sigh* Such is life when you have a body like mine has become. Its not like I expected those foods anyway. I've only had pasta 3 times in the last 8.5 weeks. 2x it was whole wheat and one was a free meal. I'm actually looking forward to 8 weeks of TOTAL clean eating. If I want to make it to *Hotsville* by my anniversary, then short term sacrifices need to be made. I need my body to go back to being a fat burning machine! I trust that Tony will make that happen. (Of course I have to do what he says.... LOL)

I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow is UBWO... yay!


April said...

Doing what he says is key. In the first week alone you'll be hooked on the weightloss and will WANT to do everything :)

Good Luck!

Angela said...

Another Tony Diva!!! How wonderful! You will love him! Good Luck!

Health Girl said...

April- Thanks for stopping by! :) I am sure I will be hooked. I feel so positive after talking with Tony.

I can't wait!

Angela- Thanks! :) I am so excited!