Sunday, July 20, 2008


Oh boy. I've done it now. LOL I got my meal plans sent to me yesterday. I also got my first workout. I am excited but nervous. I got used to the BFL style workouts and food. My new program won't be quite so... easy. :P I have to learn a whole new process and that's okay. Its just something new. I'm a little stressed right now. I have to go to the grocery store (or supermarket as Tony said). I need to go to the Natural/Health Food store (they have really short hours- super tough to get there because I always work). I am picking up my coworker's dog for the week while she is on vacation. I need to dog-proof my house a little better. I need to buy cat food. My dad is bringing over my dresser and a loveseat tomorrow. I also need to get new brakes. I have all this stuff to do and I have to go to work all day too. By the time I get off, most places are closed. I will be doing some last minute stuff tomorrow I guess.
I'm just trying to not be overwhelmed by everything today. I am going to try and get at least the cat food before I go to work. I don't know if the store is open, but I'll try.

I am pretty tired. The last week at work has been insane. I went out last night with my DH and coworker and his wife. It was nice but I was really missing some sleep.

Tomorrow is a NEW Beginning. A fresh start. I'm hoping I won't feel too carb deprived. :P