Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day Two Begins

Looks like Tracker is down.... again.

I slept like garbage last night because of the pug I'm dog-sitting. He's cute but so not like a normal pug. The lazy, low-key thing... not this pug. He just goes and goes and goes. He tried to help with my workout this morning. "Um, look puggie, my abs are weak enough and these exercises are challenging enough. I *really* don't need any extra weight on my chest. Thanks." He was cute, but nothing is quite so... gross, as doing crunches with a dog sneeze in your face. *yuck*

So anyway... enough grumpy news. :D I shouldn't have done it, but I just felt too different to not inspect. I got on the scale... I'm down 3 lbs! I'm quite sure water is involved but I retain more water than a camel in the desert anyway. :D I've got good DOMS going on and I feel great. (except the sleep deprived part) I am going to do some cardio tonight. I am so glad that I signed up with Tony. :D Body For Life was a good way to get back into exercising and eating healthier. I just wasn't getting fast results. I had been stalled out for about 4 weeks with minimal change. With as much fat as I have to lose, I should have been dropping at least 1 lb per week if not 2. I really needed this jumpstart to my metabolism. I have done so much damage to it over the years...

Off to shower and get breakfast in. MRP in. :)

Wish me luck at work. (long story, but I have a female boss who does not have a weight issue that tries to sabotage my efforts by not letting me take breaks and much more.)


April said...

I hear you on the damage to the body, oh boy. You'll be all fixed up before long. That weight will keep melting off too and you won't want to stop!

Health Girl said...

:D Thanks for the encouragement. I keep "feeling myself". LOL (wow that sounds so wrong) I keep checking out my biceps and my legs feel thinner. I just can't believe the changes I feel . It seems like its impossible. How can I possibly be losing inches and weight this fast? How can the changes be happening this quickly?? I must be crazy.
You are SO right. I already don't want it to stop! I worked so hard on BFL for very little results. I don't regret doing BFL at all. It definitely helped prime me for this. I just wish I would have done all this sooner! :)I can't wait to do my one week weigh in!