Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Focusing on the positive...

At least trying anyway.
I am keeping mum about something that has been bothering me greatly. One day I will share it. For now though.... its still an antagonizing secret. lol

I wish that I was in a good place to be complacent. I'm not. I need to drop a minimum of 30lbs to get healthy. Right now I've been feeling like an exhausted slug. I am seriously getting to the point of sleeping if I am not at work or eating. I am craving sugar like no other. It almost makes me drive to the store! I have protein shakes I could drink and lots of other healthy foods to eat. Don't want them at all. And I doubt as much as I want a tasty protein shake with fruit to calm the urge, that it really will. :( Good news is I haven't given into Ben & Jerry or any other major sanfu. Its just been a nibble here and a hot chocolate there. *sigh*

So back to positives... I haven't done *that* badly. LOL

1.) I have gotten the same comment from customers 12 times in the last month!! "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Nicole Kidman?" :D I love Nicole Kidman. From time to time I see the facial resemblance. (No way would our figures be close). I even had one guy tell me it was too bad I didn't have an Aussie accent. Ummm, okay? lol So yeah, it makes me feel good. I tried to find a picture that resembled Nicole, but I didn't find one yet. I even had a waitress in a restaurant come over to ask me if I was related! HAHAHAHA- I wish! It does boost the ego when its down and lonely.

2.) The ladies at work are telling me I am getting skinny! LOL Yeah, this booty ain't skinny, but I appreciate it anyway. I need to just bust through a size or two of clothing because its getting expensive to buy new clothes that I don't want to stay in.

3.) Not weight related- I am kicking butt in sales this month. I should have a decent paycheck in Nov. I need it. Last month killed my budget. I am feeling more positive about money at the moment.

4.) I have SERIOUS DOMS! Melissa mentioned her DOMS and its soo true. After some sketchy workout weeks, I pushed HARD the last two days and I am loving it! I can barely wash my hair! LOL

Okay. I know there are lots of positive things in life. These are the things that are keeping my head above the water right now.

Oh and just because I wanna share:

I feel so empowered by this picture of Julie Lohre. It has been my inspirational picture since I began BFL. Thank you Julie for inspiring me.


Britishlady said...

Hi Hillary,
I think it's awesome that you're focusing on the positive, and I'm sure you can think of more.

I think it may be time to refocus. take a long hard look at your original goals. Think about how far you've come already. Every action you take right now will take you one step closer to your goals. Keep them at the forefront of your mind..remind yourself of them when you want to cheat.

Have you chosen your motivation pic yet? You should post it and look at it EVERY DAY. See yourself there and believe that YOU WILL make it.

You got this go kick some bootay!!!

April said...

I'm meeting Julie this weekend OMG!

Your doing great Hillary! You know what needs to be done and you WILL lose that 30 lbs and feel GREAT!

Melissa H said...

Girl, I am creeping around my house like an old lady. LOL And, let me tell ya: trying to run with sore pecs (and a large chest) is not a great combo.


Every little "sneak" revs up those cravings again. Cut it out.
(How's that for tough love?) ;-)

Tracy said...

Your going to HAVE to make it to cincy so we can do one of Julie's boot camps together! Talk about motivation!

Anonymous said...

Great motivational pic! That's exactly what you have to do. Concentrate on the positives. You can and WILL do this!