Sunday, October 5, 2008

Further proving my hormones are whack...

After 2 days of new hormones.... I'm back down from the 3lbs up. (I wish I could say it was from bustin butt on cardio, but its not)
I am at 180 even (which still pisses me off). I was in the 170's darn in! I want to be in the 160's by Halloween. I don't care if its 169.9. LOL I just want to break through this stuck-ness. I can and WILL get to the low 170's. I am putting some Tae Bo into my cardio. I need some shakin' up. It always makes me feel strong and powerful. I'll still do my assigned cardio, but I need to confuse my body again. I seriously adapt WAY too quickly. When I change my diet and/or exercise patterns I lose again. After about 3-4 weeks I get stuck. Happened with BFL and seems to be happening again. TONY! Are you there? Its been almost a month since we last talked. :( I need some mind motivation and maybe some change... :P

Alright... off to work. Its soooo pretty outside. I wanna play instead!


Tracy said...

My WO plan changes every 4 weeks. What about throwing in some pylo's? Those are great fat burning exercises. I'm back to using my heart rate monitor too. That way I know for sure, if I'm burning calories!