Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thank YOU!

Thank you Liimu, Melissa, Porsha & Tracy!

Thank you for the support, the hugs, the kick-in-the-pants and the advice. :)
I really appreciate it!

I did do my lifting today. That felt good. I'm glad I did it. I am feeling better having gone to the grocery store, too. I am more stressed out about money than I realized. :( It is darn expensive to eat healthy...

Anyway... again- THANK YOU!! You ladies are the BEST!!!


Britishlady said...

Hey Hillary!
I'm so glad you ended up doing your weights..I knew you'd feel better :)
You're is expensive to eat healthy, but in the long run you save money because you won't have to pay crazy hospital bills for obesity related diseases :)

Keep your head up're worth it!!!

Tracy said...

I know is seems $$$. But once you get the hang of what your gonna eat, it gets better. I buy things when its on sale. Do you know anyone who hunts. Deer season is coming up and its super cheap to pay for processing and the meat is so lean! You can make it almost anything. As for veggies, check craig's list. Most people are just wanting to clear out their gardens. Next year I wanna can tomatoes and other veggies.