Thursday, October 2, 2008


I decided to get a move on. Enough emotional drama for today. Thankfully tomorrow is my dr. appt. Hopefully we can get a different pill so my hormones aren't so darn whacked! You all must think I am a bi-polar roller coaster ride! Anyway... here is 10 weeks... (really 8 since I had the ulcer issue and didn't do crap for 2 weeks)


Angela said...

Looking good girl! Keep it up!

Britishlady said...

Wow Hillary!!!!!!
You look great! I can totally see the changes..especially in your abs and back (your back fat is gone!!). You and I are similar in that we are shedding fat from the mid-section more than anywhere else right now. T says the legs/hips will be the last to at least I know what to expect.

Check out my blog..I posted about my history..where I've come from...the changes etc.

I'm so proud of you girlie...keep hitting those workouts and eating clean-you'll be comp ready in no time

Anonymous said...

YES!!! SO many changes going on! DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! Can you see what I see?? You have a BEAUTIFUL hour glass figure and your waist is only gonna get tinier! There is much to be desired. I've always wished I had more in the hip booty area and were more hour glass shaped. I ENVY YOU!

I'm SO sorry you haven't heard from Tony in 3 weeks. Keep calling. He WILL get back to you. Like Tina said in one of her comments though, I think he gives us the plan and then wants us to just run with it. Be strong and realize that we CAN do this on our own. He lays the foundation and then expects us to just follow it. It's a learning process. Hang in there. We are all here for you. He really DOES care and he will get back to you soon.

Sorry to hear about your dream and how it left you. Crazy how dreams can affect us. Hope you're feeling better about things now. HUGS.

Health Girl said...

Thanks friends. :)

Porsha- I'll be stopping over soon!

Evelyne- Thanks. ((hugs))