Friday, February 27, 2009

Time to be Concerned?

I don't know if its time to be concerned or not. I may be seeing my doctor soon. In the last 6 months my doctor has put me on Prednisolone twice- its a corticosteroid that was used to treat my bronchitis. I also got a shot in November of a corticosteroid (I can't recall the name). Each time while I was taking it, I lost weight despite the fact I had reduced exercise because I couldn't breathe well. I have been done with my last dose for over a month now and I've noticed more things. About 2 weeks after the dosage, I became ravenous for food. I sorta thought it was early PMS. I also gained quite a bit of weight back. I figured it was PMS and poor diet. Well, I also started getting bloody noses. Not like blood dripping out of my nose, but any time I blew my nose it had lots of blood and blood clots in it. Today I got the sensation my nose was running and it was blood! I'm kinda freaked by it. I have NEVER had a bloody nose. Never. I have had a nasty headache on and off today and now the bloody nose thing? Ugh. I have been having some headaches recently but again I attributed that to hormones. I haven't been on any birth control for 2 cycles now. My period was a week late last time so I took a test. Negative. So ... I am reading that the Prednisolone can have some of these side effects. How do I stop them? Bloody nose, headaches, mood swings, increased appetite, facial twitches, weight gain and acne. I feel like I am PMSing this whole month. The acne is getting worse. The headaches and nose bleeds just scare me though. I'm not off of work again until next Friday. UGH.

I am trying to stay calm. I'll have to call and make an appointment on Monday. I know its not the house being too dry causing the nose bleeds. We have the humidifier on and I have had dry nose issues way back when we had electric heat. This is totally different.