Friday, October 3, 2008

So that's what's been going on

Nope, not pregnant. LOL Everyone at work has decided I need to be pregnant. I guess while I was having stomach/ulcer issues they were all hoping. WTF? I'm the one that would have to raise the kid... how does everyone else get to wish that on me? LOL

Anyway.... went to a new OB/GYN.... LOVE HIM! Yep. HIM. I never had a male "girl parts doctor". I don't know that I will ever have a female again. The women I have gone to have been... well, bitchy! They have been rough and condescending. This doc was FAB. He talked WITH me and we went over what has been happening with me since... I became initiated into womanhood. :p He feels I have PCOS- explains the lumps in my breasts, depression, insulin resistance, weight issues, acne and chin hair. He put me on the Nuva Ring and recommended trying Inositol to see if that helps with my weight. There are tests to be done, but as of now it seems things are mild enough and treatable. I hope this helps stabilize me a bit. One minute I am on top of the world, only to come crashing down. From my recent research, serotonin levels are affected by PCOS because of the inositol and supplementing is supposed to help with that as well. Also a Tony diet is pretty much prescribed to help with the resistance.

I feel relieved that I wasn't shoved in and out of my appointment. I was treated well and I think I have some answers. I am happy with that.

Tomorrow is a new day. I'm sportin the new ring (Nuva) and I am hoping to rock out a good workout. I've failed miserably at everything this week. Gotta get out of this funk...

Off to bed with me.


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY AGREE!! I've had a few women gyns and they made me feel uncomfortable and seemed to have an attitude. I've had a male doc for the last 10 years or so and I LOVE HIM. He's gentle and explains everything and is 'in and out'! :) (Plus he's not bad to look at either! Always a plus!)

I hope this is the answer you've been needing. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed and praying that things lighten up and you can accomplish your goals.

Tomorrow is another day!

Liimu said...

I'm so glad you are close to a solution for your issues. We will keep you in prayer.

By the way, your pics look great! And I completely feel you on the PMS/MS roller coaster. I have it, too. My therapist recommended I wear a special ring or bracelet to remind myself that it's happening!!

Health Girl said...

Thanks ladies!
I want to sincerely say thank you. Your support on here has been so important for me. When I found out I had an ulcer everyone at work blamed it on my diet and Tony. :( I can't say for sure that the ACV/ Lemon Juice was bad, but it could have aggravated an underlying issue. Regardless, I never once felt that what I have been doing has been detrimental to my health!
I have felt so very alone and not supported in my "real word". It is only through my online friends that the support is found. Now that I have some handle on my emotional/ hormonal stuff, I am hoping to get more stable.
I appreciate your posts and your comments.