Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am so sick. I started feeling better on Thursday- I think the antibiotics kicked in? Yesterday morning I was feeling great. After my workout and shower I started feeling so-so. By mid-day I was spent. My head is pounding and filled with more crap than I thought could possibly fit in there! My poor nose is RAW. My ears are now plugged up. I sneezed over 20 times yesterday and I just gave up counting. How did I end up feeling worse??? Did that steroid shot for my lungs make everything worse? I just feel like I have been run over and my head was stomped on just for fun. It literally hurts to even lightly touch my head. :(
Monday starts a fresh week of training and I'm going to be angry if this darn cold thing doesn't get lost. This week was not how I hoped it would go. Every moment counts. I'm trying to not to get discouraged but I am afraid I won't make my April show date. I don't want to just get on the stage. I want to get on the stage with a competitive physique. I'm trying not to worry about things, but its hard. I don't want to feel like junk. I want to be healthy and strong and tackling my workouts.

On a positive note: GO MUSCLE IN THE CITY!!!!!!!! ROCKFORD won't know what hit 'em!


erin21 said...

sorry you're sick. and thank you for the confidence. i am definitely 100% committed. this is only 4 weeks in and my goal is the northern. i guess you're doing the ohio show in april? if i make march, i kinda wanna do april too. if i don't make march maybe i can make april. u doin julies fitbody team in december? if so i will see you on the 20th.

Health Girl said...

Hi Erin.
You've got a good start before Julie's Fitbody team. I wish I could do the show in March, but I just don't think I'll be ready. I'm planning to come help out though. April 4th is my show date in Lakewood, Ohio. I'm definitely on Julie's team for the spring comp. :) I will see you on the 20th for sure!