Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kentucky Muscle Show

Wow. WOW.

This was the first competition that I have ever attended. WOW! I can't stop grinning. You know the one- the big cheesy grin that makes people wonder what your thinking about. :D

I got up at 4am, showered up and hit the road yesterday morning. I managed to get to Kentucky (from Northern Ohio) in 4.5 hours. The traffic was a breeze and the weather broke when I hit Kentucky- beautiful! I stopped at The Galt House hotel and picked up my tickets and surprise gift from Carla. (LUV, LUV, LUV!) I walked around downtown Louisville and found the convention center. I went into the expo just in time to see the IFBB Pro girls at prejudging. WOW!!! I found Tracy at Julie Lohre's booth. I was so happy to find someone I "knew". lol Tracy is awesome! Look out NPC she's serious! ;)
Tracy was so nice and answered my millions of questions about how comps worked and why things happened they way they did and what the judges look for, etc. Julie was up onstage expediting so I asked Tracy more questions about Julie. LOL It was really cool to see the pro girls do their thing. They make it look so stinkin' easy! I know better! They were gorgeous and graceful. Wow.

Julie came back to her booth for a bit and Tracy introduced me. Julie is THE SWEETEST woman I have ever met! She was SO nice. She asked me questions, answered mine and she gave me a photo of her (my MOST favorite picture ever and my inspiration photo since I began BFL this year) and she signed it. I told her I wanted to have a picture like that of me and that she was so inspiring to me. She wrote on the photo "Hillary, You Can Do This". I don't think anyone saw, but a tear snuck out at that point. Wow. How's that for motivation??? Julie Lohre, and IFBB Pro tells you that you can do something?? Dang Skippy you can! I am back with a vengeance! My fire has been re-lit. Seeing all the fit bodies- live, in person and up close- makes a huge impact on the psyche. These aren't just bodies in pictures online or in a magazine. REAL people can look this good! And for the record- Miss Tracy looks even better in person than her pictures may reveal! She's skinny! (but buff) LOL No more "fat girl" attitude missy! You look great! ;)

I wish I would have freshened up the make-up and fixed my dang shirt. I looked like a dork all day. LOL Someone could have told me..... I had to wait to see the pictures! *gah* Oh well... 6 months from now... the next picture of Julie and I will be AWESOME. :D (She said so!) LOL

And beautiful Tracy....

The body building pre-judging was neat to see. I think I could do well judging the boyz. LOL With only one exception I called the top 5 order every time. Whoa. And let me just say- There were some seriously beautiful men there. Jami (from BFL tracker) and I had a nice time. LOL! Rawr! I had 2 favorite posing routines. The first was the overall Novice winner- GREAT body and great routine. The second fave was a 56yr old guy who posed to Toby Keith's- "I Ain't as Good as I Once Was". LOL It was hysterical and he did a great job.

I'll post the link to the pics later.

I am sooo pumped! (and no, its not from the millions of free samples I scored at the expo! tee hee hee)


Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm SOOO glad you had such a good time and that the drive was good for you as well. Yup, singing at the top of your lungs, ALONE, is the best! You look great in the pics. Like Tea said, you are SO pretty!

Oh! You've been tagged too! Read my blog!

April said...

KY Muscle was when I KNEW I wanted to compete last year. I had NO plans to do so until I went and watched i'm hooked, will you be next ;)

Tracy said...

I'm so glad you made it to the show! It helps sooo much to be around others with the same goal. It always leaves me motivated! And it was so nice to meet you and thanks for the sweet words!

Do this for you! And we'll all be here to help you along the way.

And Julie REALLY is that nice! :0) A truly genuine person. And thats hard to find these days.