Monday, November 3, 2008

I can hardly walk...


I did a KILLER leg workout on Saturday. Yesterday I was sore, but WOWSERS! Today I can barely move. I decided to just do chest and tri's today and attempt a walk at lunch. I am off tomorrow and plan a good measure of EMC.

I am trying really hard not to freak out today. I have to go back to work with my old boss. :( It sucks. He's controlling, negative, condescending, nagging, belittling, overbearing.... the list goes on. Despite numerous complaints from every store he goes to, he still has a job. No one knows why. I was bombarded yesterday with people complaining to me about how bad it was the first day he came back. Today 6 text messages- I go in at noon. *sigh* I need to make some changes in my career.... soon.

No matter what happens today, I am eating clean and drinking my water. I'm done with other people trying to interfere with my goals.


Anonymous said...

SO glad to hear you had a killer leg workout! Whoo-hoo!

Sorry to hear that your old boss is coming back. Nothings worse than having a nastly person as a boss. Makes work so miserable. Try to focus on you and your goals and hopefully soon something better will come along for you.