Friday, November 28, 2008

Obese you say?

Not me!

My doctor- make that my EX-doctor is a jerk. And his nurse is an idiot. First, he has called me obese 3x. My BMI shows I am certainly overweight but still not in the obese range. I am also not as fat as the nurse told me. She was off by 10%!! I got the results in the mail today and wow. I don't know what she was looking at but its clear as day on the report what my totals for body fat and bone density are. *sigh* So.... I am relieved that things aren't AS bad as I was told. I still have a ton of work to do, but I feel so much more hopeful. I feel like there is hope.

I am struggling pretty badly today. My job and bosses are making things REALLY difficult on me. I don't know what the agenda is, but they like to make sure I can't eat on schedule and now they are making it hard for me to get time off for team meetings. I am closing almost every single day in December. It makes my evening meals really screwed up, but I don't have to get up at 4am to get workouts in now. :) I am frustrated with my situation, but I will keep pressing on.

Pretty figure statue, here I come! :D


I'm just saying said...

I am a lurker who just stumbled on your blog and I wanted to say-hang in there! I know what it feels like to be called fat by someone who is supposed to be an expert-I once had a personal trainer who insisted repeatedly that I was fat.

I dumped him, got a new trainer, and met my goals. Wherever I was in the beginning and whatever labels people slapped on me don't even matter now. Keep up the good work!!

Health Girl said...