Saturday, November 1, 2008

Its November!

Wow. I can't believe it. November already!

I have been pretty on target the last few days I can tell. Now if this sinus/stomach thing would just LEAVE already I'd be doing great. I'll be feeling great for awhile and then it hits me with waves of nausea, a killer headache and then I feel congested after I lie down. *sigh* I'm getting pretty grumpy about that but I'm NOT giving in. I've been eating cleaner and pushing harder. It feels great.

Lsat night we watched Jeepers Creepers, Constantine (Luv Keanu Reeves!) and Resident Evil. :) We also carved pumpkins! Mine is the Om symbol. :)

I am SOOOO exited about going to the KY Muscle Show next weekend! I get to see my friends, get a kick in the pants with motivation (though I'm doing pretty good right now) and possibly meet Julie Lohre! I can't wait to take lots of pics. I love taking pictures and it would be an honor to get some awesome shots of my friends showing off their best. :)

We may be going to a "Halloween" party uptown tonight. If we do, I'll take pics! :)


Tracy said...

Hey girl... I will be at the show & expo in Julie's booth, so swing by and meet us both! I won't be doing the actual show though. But I'll be working behind the scene.