Monday, November 10, 2008

Still Feeling It! (and link to KY Muscle pics)

I am still feeling the "high" from the weekend. I am excited and totally determined. I know that there are people I work for and with that are going to try and bust my bubble today. I'm just not going to give in. I am better than that. Heck- right now I'll say I am better off than they are. My life does not revolve around my workplace and my value and worth is not based on my job or what my superiors, coworkers or customers think of me. It only matters what I think of me.
Instead of viewing myself as a fatty trying to lose weight, I am going to start thinking of myself as an awesome body that needs a little remodeling. (insert cheesy grin here) Its like a car or house that needs a new coat of paint and some rearranging. I just need to rearrange the fat (outta the body!) and add some muscle in the right places. Time to remodel "my house" into my dream house. :D

I read today that the rate of heart failure has tripled in the last 30 years. Yikes! All the more reason to be healthy. I don't want to be a statistic. I want to be healthy and strong and SEXY. :D

For anyone who wants to see more KY Muscle Show pictures you can go to Alexis Rhea Photography

I haven't uploaded ALL my pics but I'm still recovering from lack of sleep. :P

(edited because my link disappeared?? trying again.... if it goes away again its: )


Julie Lohre said...

Hi Hillary!

It was great to meet you this weekend and I cannot tell you what your nice words mean to me. I am so happy to know that I have helped inspire you. You have an exciting year ahead of you and I hope to get to be a part of that. Hillary, you do have tons of potential and I could tell when I met you that you have the strength and dedication inside to reach your goals. Have a great night and I will be e-mailing you soon.

PS- Checkout your photos from the show and love the one of us! We are working on our weekend photos too and plan to have a gallery posted asap.

GroundedFitness said...

great attitude! Ihave the same one today, but thats only because yesterday was one of the worst days Ive had in a while.

thanks for the boost!

Kelly Turner