Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tagged- several times...

Okay I have been tagged several times, so here it goes.

6 things (x3) that make me happy:

1. Warm blankets
2. Spice Chai Latte (more specifically: Venti Vanilla with Whip Chai)
3. The beach
4. Water- I LUV water!
5. Snuggling with my hubby
6. UMP shake w/ ice & milk - Yummmmmm! Its soooo like a real milkshake!
7. Big Fluffy bath towels from the dryer
8. Chili - made with turkey and kidney beans
9. The color PINK :)
10. Cinnamon- I add cinnamon to a lot of my food and I love candles, body sprays, etc that have cinnamon in them.
11. Fit Friends! :)
12. Training with Julie
13. Dogs! (Petfinder breaks my heart... so many animals need homes! I wish I could rescue them all!)
14. Photography- I love taking pictures. I mostly take pictures of nature.
15. Aruba
16. Pizza. Its my favorite food unfortunately. lol
17. Surprise presents- i love being surprised in a good way! :)
18. Books- I love reading. I wish I had more time to read. Books make good company.

I'll have to think of the weird things about me and get back to you all. Since most of you have already been tagged, I won't tag anyone, but if you haven't been tagged yet.... then... TAG! You're it! :D