Friday, November 28, 2008

Refined Carbs= irritable?

So I woke up the carb monster in me yesterday. I had all sorts of luscious refined carb goodness. I won't say what to spare everyone, but I indulged in my free meal- bigtime. Quantity of food was fine, but quality... well plain turkey is ON plan, but the other T-day fixins were not. :O I found myself irritable shortly after the carb spike ended and I was looking for MORE. I needed more carbs to get my fix. I have been drinking water like a fiend last night and this morning, trying to drown out the call for more simple sugars. I am fiending for more right now! I *want* (almost NEED) something white and refined. lol Hubby has a bagel in the kitchen and I have been fighting it off all morning. *ack* Now I completely realize what will happen if I eat that bagel. I realize where it will lead. MORE of this. Today at work will collapse around me. I'll be eating and picking at all the garbage like everyone else. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I am off to do some EMC and then eat protein pancakes. I'm thinking maybe I can make some extra and use them on the go today. I HAVE to make sure my nutrition is 100% solid today. My carb monster is reactivated and I am back to fighting him back down into remission. I just can't believe how quickly the drop in refined carbs comes. My sugar is SO less stable. I felt it drop and immediately I wanted more. No wonder my family is overweight. *sigh*

Okay I'm off to do some EMC and then get some non-refined carbs and lots of good protein in me. :P

I learn something every day.... I am thankful for that!


April said...

Your dinner sounds like mine HA! I had 1 small piece of turkey and the rest was all the yummy fixins! I didn't eat anything else though I was about to hurl.

Eat extra oats or yams or even some cereal if you need to feed your carb monster. Stay away from the sweets! Mmm...fudge and cookies BARF!