Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Attitude, New Look...

Okay. I hate leaving my blog on a negative note. I have had some time to cry and pout and feel desperate and be angry. I can't change anything that happened that got me to this point. I can be proud of what I have accomplished so far and move forward. I can only improve from here. I am going to continue doing my best to make the best choices to lose this fat. I hit bottom officially with that number. It was a sucker-punch that doubled me over. I now can move upward and onward. No more turning back. I can never go back. I can only move closer to my dreams and goals.

I decided it was time for a change on the blog. I liked the other one, but I needed something new. New attitude, new look? :)

I have this printed up and it made its way into my view this evening. Perfect.

Dare to Imagine-- Ralph Marston

"In your min dyou can go anywhere. And where your mind consistently goes, the rest of your life will follow.

There is no limit to what you can imagine. And what you imagine, you have already begun to create.

Allow your thoughts to travel often to beautiful and magnificent places. In your mind, construct all the rich details of the life you wish to live.

In order to reach for a dream, you must know what it looks like, how it feels, and where it is. Long before you actually get there, your mind can enable you to experience all these things.

Every success is first a success of the imagination. What wonderful pathways will you dare to imagine?

Set your imagination free and it will show you who you are. Let imagination guide your efforts and your dreams will be fulfilled."

So there you go. I'm back to imagining myself on stage, ready to win! It just might be some other date...


Liimu said...

YAY!!! Good for you!

Tracy said...

Keep digging deep! Not getting on stage in April, isn't the end of a dream. Just put on hold, if it comes to that. Heck, I'm the queen of revaluation! But goals keep you pushing and moving. Then when you get there, you can step back and evaluate!

Soooo... push for April! Train everyday and see where it leads you!


Evelyne said...

Sending the BIGGEST HUGS I've got! I can so feel your anguish and pain at what you heard from your doctor and from those BF% results. I know how easy it can be to let all of that get you down. But I know that you are a fighter and a survivor as this post shows so clearly. Keep fighting, you WILL reach your dreams. Just don't EVER give up! HUGS GIRL.

Health Girl said...

Thanks ladies!!
*sniffle* You are the best!

I'm pushing hard everyday. We'll see where I end up. :)