Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LONG day yesterday

I was at work from 7am to 9:20pm yesterday! :O

I'm still really tired and not in the mood to work out. I'm in the mood to stay in bed where its warm and comfortable. :P But, I am up and getting ready to push it hard. If I don't I'll feel bad about it. Once I get going its fine. Considering my day yesterday, I shouldn't even be upright, but I feel pretty decent. I never would have thought vegetables were quite so critical. Vegetables are fiber, acid neutralizers and important nutrients in one package. I'm still adjusting to vegetables at breakfast. After years and years of the cereal or sweets for breakfast mindset, veggies seem... wrong. lol I suck at making omelets but hope to improve. Right now its kinda like scrambled eggs and spinach instead of a Spinach Omelet. :P

Okay, off to work some muscles.


Lori said...

lmao!! It doesn't need to be restaurant pretty! Don't worry about it till you have to serve it to someone else... :P

Sorry about the long day though, that really blows, but good job getting up and out there! I'm the same way.. once I can get going I'm good! It's just the getting going.

Health Girl said...

:P You're right. No one else has to see it or eat right now. It just gets messy- and weird looking. Oh well. I'll keep practicing. I have to eat it anyway.

Today I made protein pancakes/crepes. I used 4 eggwhites, 3 tbps milk and 1 scoop protein powder. They were really thin so I rolled them up and ate them. Yumm! I had "green juice" from Bolthouse Farms for my veggies & fruit. I just didn't have time for a messy egg moment. :P

I kicked my butt in my workout. It was great! :D

Michelle said...

I know what you mean about the veggies...I now always put some in my breakfast,,

I do egg whites with beans, asparagus and spinach...and sometimes I will trough some yams in if I am not having another starchy carb...its too big to make an omelet with (it keeps falling apart) but def makes a great scramble.

That sucks about the day, I know how you feel, when it is seeding and harvest around here I have to work all hours of the day and night and it can get frustrating to get all my workouts in.