Monday, February 23, 2009

What am I up to?

Today, I got my hair done. It looks great. Let's see if I can style it tomorrow. :P
I also got that Snuggie thing from TV. Its soft and snuggle-y. :) Very warm.
I bought the Magic Bullet for work. No excuses to not have an awesome shake.

I am really happy with my program. What program is that? I decided after doing some research and hearing from some Tracker friends what their experiences were, that I would try Precision Nutrition. It has a money back guarantee and I have tried most other things, so why not? Right? No. I really feel that this in in perfect alignment with my current goals. I am especially pleased with the plant based diet portion. I have more freedom. I can have my fruit. I am personally applying the Glycemic Load principles as well. I am learning even more about nutrition and I like that. I feel less burdened and more excited about my meals. I don't have this weight hanging on me. I'm not sure why, but the freedom is working. I feel less like bingeing and more like eating what I need to. I am excited to be nourishing my body instead of poisoning it. I feel aligned with this program and that is so critical to my success.

I hate restrictions. I hate being told no. I hate anything that means- I can't. Its a constant mind game with myself. If someone says "You can't do that because you are girl"- I'm all over it to show them that girls can do it too. "You can't" is a challenge. Always has been. So now... "You can't have X,Y,Z" becomes a challenge. Even though I know that hot chocolate and Chipotle aren't not in my best interest, they are that much more desirable. Dumb. I am working on this rebellious nature of mine, but in the mean time PN allows me to be 90% on plan with success. This helps with this internal rebellion of mine. It also helps that I can have almonds and strawberries and not feel guilty. Having more variety and AWESOME recipes allows me to be creative and I won't get bored.

I am just so excited to be nourishing my body. My mind is in such a different place right now. I have my initial measurements and will post my progress as I go. I am so pleased. :)


Lori said...

oooo I'm so excited for you! That looks like a well organized website and plan and I think it'll really help to keep you on track.

Keep us posted! :D

Michelle said...

Let me know how the PN goes, I have heard good things about it.

Health Girl said...

The member area on PN is really nice. Good info and lots of nice people. I'll be posting my thoughts and feedback. :)
Michelle- SaraTera and Telle from Tracker use PN as well as The Bumbler. I'm sure there are others, but once your comp is done, hit them up for info too. They gave me some great insight. I feel so positive about this.

Jessica said...

Hey girl! I also really love PN. I think the principles are really smart and based on a long term choice - not a quick fix. Can't wait to see how it works for you long term! :)