Friday, February 13, 2009

So What?

When did we become such babies? I've been thinking a lot about how NOT BEING COMFORTABLE influences everything we do as a society. I know on a personal level it affects me all the time. It doesn't apply in a way that indicates an actual pain or problem per se. Its manifests in a lazy way. "I don't feel like" is a common phrase that I catch coming out of my mouth. I don't feel like making dinner because I am tired. While that is a valid statement of being tired, is it REALLY that painful to make dinner? Really? And if I am truly TOO tired to cook, then odds are I'd be too tired to eat.
How about exercise? Do you skip workouts or more likely not push hard enough? Its easier to not push hard enough. I've gone through the motions of a workout to say that I got it done. Some activity is better than none, right? Its uncomfortable to push harder and be out of breath- or even to the "pre-puke" point. lol I know I am not alone in this. Looking around at the people in my city I can see that most folks use the drive-thru daily. I'm sure even less people worry about the exercise intensity as much as actually doing *something at all*.
So when did we get so lazy? Yeah, I said it! Do you walk all the places that your *really* could? Its easier to just get in the car and go. Our ancestors from waaaaaayyyyy back actually had to roam the land looking for food and avoiding being prey themselves. Not so long ago, people walked WAY more. They walked to work and back. They actually MOVED. Sure, they may not have felt like putting forth effort sometimes to do the things they had to do, but it wasn't so optional. I realize that in this busy, crazy, time crunched world we live in, that modern conveniences like cars, drive-thrus and microwave meals allow us to get more done. I absolutely believe that we work more, do more, stress more and live in dis-ease, discomfort and dis-health more too. Slowing down isn't always an option. The challenge is this- eating healthier and conditioning our bodies allows us to have less dis-ease. Quality of life is improved and stress levels generally decrease. So what if we don't feel like cooking? So what if we just go through the motions in our workouts. So what if we walk less, stress more, eat convenience foods? The consequences of discomfort (ie- choosing the healthy path) are far more beneficial than the consequences of dis-ease (ie- illness, stress, death)

So what's it going to be? Pushing harder and eating cleaner??? Yeah, that's what I thought. There was no "OR" option. ;)


Lori said...

GREAT GREAT POST! I whole heartidly agree and have been thinking this exact thing lately.

Yesterday my fiancee had an anxiety attack and I completely blame it on not being active and not caring for our bodies.

One of our biggest dumbass moves is being completely tired and wanting to go to bed, but we don't. I just don't get it.... :P

Kelly Olexa said...

What a great post girl. How many times do I say, "I don't FEEL like it" - a LOT. Well KO get over yourself and do the work!! RIGHT! WE all need to do that! Big time.
Keep it up girl!

Health Girl said...

Glad you ladies "GET" it. ;) I still fight the "feeling" thing. But each day it gets better.