Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now we're on the upswing

So yeah, I AM a roller coaster. LOL
I got my big @ss on the bike and I feel so much better. I think higher sugar makes me depressed and cranky too. My sugar was 120 when I got on the bike. After my workout it was 82. MUCH better. My quads are getting so hard. I love it. Now if the back side would catch up! lol More donkey kicks in my future. I ended my workout with a kick boxing style random thing. "Fighter" was my last song so I hopped off the bike and kicked and punched and really raised my heart rate. It felt great.

I think part of my issue lately is that I miss cooking. I used to make some divine casseroles, awesome soups and stews and all sorts of other cool things. One day when I am in a more maintenance type phase I can go back and alter things and make them healthier, but right now I have to avoid most of the ingredients- like cheese and rice and potatos and flour and sodium. :P Starch is bad, mmmkay? (channeling South Park).

I am making a tortilla soup for tonight. I am going without the tortillas but I love southwestern/ texmex type of flavors. I am putting everything in the crock pot so that way when I got home late tonight I can't say I am too tired to make anything. :P Gotta have a plan. I'm off again tomorrow- *sweet* This is awesome. I can finish what I started yesterday.

Today is going to be a great day. It has to be. My eyes are on the positive.


Conni said...

Funny about your dinner cuz I am making the same thing! As for the flour & potatoes.....I don't crave those at all anymore. Cheese somewhat. I am soooo glad you are getting things figured out with your sugar! Are you feeling better doing things this way?

Melissa H said...

I TOTALLY feel you!! Winter (even though I'm in Florida) is when I struggle the most. I long for the comfort casseroles, soups and stews that I used to make. Of course, most of those are made with pastas and this PCOS insulin resistant body can't eat it, either. (it does the same thing to my insulin levels!)

As for your binge? I am finding that I just completely lose all sense and sensibility right before TOM arrives. I don't even want any of it and then the cravings start, haunting me. I'm convinced that it is 100% hormonally driven.

I haven't found a way around it other than realizing that this is just a part of my makeup. So, I allow myself ONE serving of the binge (albeit 2 or 3 days in a row) and then move on when TOM finally arrives and the cravings disappear.

Better to do that than throw in the towel completely. And, it is what you do MOST of the time that matters.

Keep finding your rhythm, girl!!