Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What goes up, must come down....

I just want to thank everyone for the support yesterday. My freakout is over. I woke up mad yesterday and made the mistake of getting on the scale. That made me even more mad. I rode my bike hard for a good sweaty workout, ate clean the WHOLE day- no nibbles or tastes, sold a ton of stuff at work and went to Power Yoga at night. I felt great most of the day despite feeling awkward in my clothes. I don't know, maybe I just needed a kick in the ass. lol I am ready for another clean day. I have to say it was hard a few times. I had that sugar need and yowsers! I needed food fast. My SIL gave me a meter to test my sugar. There are times in the afternoon I just feel horrible, so I am going to test and see if my sugar is low or high or normal. I usually feel lightheaded and dizzy and crave sugar, so we'll see.

Something Important- I threw out the sugar free syrup. Mine had aspartame in it!!?? I seriously think that was making things worse. I think that it made my cravings horrible and I think it was making me hold weight too! Check out this and this !
The first article is lengthy, but a very good read, period. The second is Jodi's blog and has info as well as a link to an article on aspartame.

Check it, learn it, live it!

Off for some EMC.

Oh and did I mention... I'm down 6.6 lbs this morning!!?? Woo Hoo! Stupid water, fat whatever! I'm in fat assault mode now, Baby!


Liimu said...

Excellent! Way to go! I'm right beside renewed!

Conni said...

AWESOME Hillary. You are on FIRE!

Evelyne said...

WOW Hilary! You kicked MAJOR booty yesterday!!! Maybe that's all you need? To get mad enough to push it to the limit!

Gonna read those articles on aspartame, but I already know how BAD the stuff is. My Mom is a health nut and tells me about that and all the other fake sweetners out there. Splenda is crap too. It's hard to stay away from it too, it's in EVERYTHING. I use Stevia. Very rarely I use plain sugar or brown sugar, but NEVER the other crap.

Hugs girl! Here's to another kick butt day!