Thursday, February 12, 2009

*Whoa! Now hold on there, Hippocrates!*

“Obese people and those desiring to lose weight should perform hard work before food. Meals should be taken after exertion and while still panting from fatigue. They should, moreover, only eat once per day and take no baths and sleep on a hard bed and walk naked as long as possible.”

So... no baths and walking around naked as long as possible??? LMAO!!!

Isn't that just a sight? I'm down with the hard work before eating. I'm not fond of a hard bed, but if I'd lose weight I'd try it. No baths and walking around naked? Ummm, no. I have to say I have an exhibitionist streak hidden somewhere inside me, but this scary, blinding white, fat butt ain't walking around anyone without being covered! LOL

I love learning about what the "professionals", fathers and intelligents had to say about health, wellness and diseases. Hippocrates is considered the father of modern medicine- hence the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take. Hippocrates had a theory/belief about the four humours in the body (blood, black bile, yellow bile and phlegm). If anyone of those was in disharmony or imbalanced, a dis-ease state (illness or lack of wellness) would be present. All fluids had to be in correct alignment to result in health. Fascinating!

I have always been interested in the body, health and how things work. I was a pro at my Anatomy & Physiology classes. I did great in Genetics classes- to the point where several professors and the head of the department asked me to take further courses and independent studies. I am fascinated by the human body. It truly is amazing.

Maybe one day I can get myself back into school and do something I enjoy- or at least something I would feel good about doing. For now, I guess I can just read and learn and review so that way when the time comes, I will be relearning and tweaking instead of coming from scratch. Much easier to manage the work and schooling that way.