Thursday, February 5, 2009

You are like a baby...

Since Tuesday morning I have been checking my blood sugar level throughout the day to see what it is and what affects it. Most of the time when I have been 100% its been on the lower end of normal and mostly stable. My meals have not caused dramatic increases or decreases. My highest peak 45 minutes after a meal (high protein, moderate carb) was 99. Out of 9 times checked, 7 were 85. Usually first thing in the morning (fasted state) or 2 hours after a meal. Its pretty consistent. That makes me feel pretty good. Here's the best reason of all for me to do this- yesterday I got no lunches or breaks. I had to cram protein pancakes in my mouth at random chances. I am SO glad I was prepared with those! I knew it would be busy, but my business deal kept me crazy busy and then the boss freaked and kept dumping more at me, so... anyway. I had chicken and pasta last night. It was a quick fix and I was STARVED. I know it was bad, but I didn't have much of a choice. I did resist all the sugary hot chocolate and candy, so... I could have chosen worse. At least I had protein. I didn't check my sugar after the pasta. I was tired anyway, so I just went to bed. I wish I would have checked. This morning after 7 1/2 hours... my sugar was at 120! I can only imagine what it was after the pasta. I didn't even eat a lot. It was 1 cup cooked. Wow. Tuesday and Wednesday morning it was 85.

I don't particularly enjoy the stabbing part of this (okay so its just a prick), but the feedback of what is happening in my body is rewarding. I'm not sure how long I will do this, but its of great use to me right now. Its keeping me focused on the HEALTH side of this. Sure I want to be a bombshell, but I need to be healthy on the inside. I won't compromise myself anymore. The days of fad diets, quick fixes, unhealthy pills or whatever are OVER as are the days of binges, hiding or stashing food and emotional eating. I'm not saying I won't struggle or stumble ever again, but I aim to walk tall, strong and healthy. My sister in law is diabetic. Her pancreas just stopped working right. She doesn't have a choice if she wants to stay healthy and avoid the complications of diabetes. I am going to walk that walk too. I no longer have the option of being immature in the mind and choosing low nutritional value foods. I deserve a healthy and strong body. My body deserves to be treated with respect and love. I wouldn't tell a baby how ugly it was and glare at it with disdain. I wouldn't feed it the crap foods in horrible volumes. I would love it and cherish it. I would feed it healthy foods at appropriate portions. WHY would I choose to do anything less for myself?

I am reborn! ;) How about you?


Anonymous said...

Hurray for being reborn! That baby is adorable.