Thursday, April 2, 2009

ChaLean Extreme Day 1

I have something positive to say! And I'm making a commitment to say something positive each day. :D No more using this blog to complain, whine and vent. I may still do that occasionally, but that's not what I ever intended this blog to be.

I'm not sure why I neglected to say that I GOT MY SELECT TECH DUMBBELLS!!!! I have wanted these for a year now and I finally made it happen. (thank you tax return) I got a great deal on Amazon with an extra $50 off. So my 5-52 lbs weights were under $400. :D I spent less than if I purchased all the weight separately. I also save a ton of room. The grips are so comfy and switching weights is fast and easy.

I also decided I need some plan to follow completely. Left to my own devices and my low attention span, I end up on 12 different programs in 12 weeks. Something always looks more fun or harder, better, faster, etc. I am SO glad I chose ChaLEAN Extreme! Its 90 days and then a maintenance plan. I love Chalene! She's positive, upbeat and motivating. I don't get that sense of fake-ness. She comes off very real- but just happy and positive! Its great for me at this point because she is there to keep pushing me. I need to be pushed in person at this point in time and this was the least expensive option for me. I am stoked!

My legs are like jello jigglers! My back and shoulders felt the burn and so did my abs. Chalene uses Select Techs (though you can use regular DBs or bands) and that was a final pushing point for me to try this program. Switching the weights is so fast and easy. I pushed hard, worked the muscles slow and really felt the BURN! She's so positive and really works to get your mind in the right place. No more "I can't do anymore". Its- "I'm strong and can do at least one more." :)

Day One ChaLEAN Extreme complete.
Super Shake w/ Greens Plus in.
1 litre of water in.
Vitamins and Supps in.

Game Plan for the rest of the day:
* Enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps!
* Laundry
* Dishes
* Walk in the park - 1 hour
* Grocery Store
* Make meals for the next few days
* Relax

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!!


Lori said...

Great find on the dumbells! I'd love to have those at home.

I completely agree with you about picking a plan and sticking to it. It always seems the 'best' plan is the one you're NOT doing! We just have to pick one that suits us, stick to it and have faith in it. You won't know if it works or not unless you give it an honest shot!

I always felt scattered/bored when I was trying to make up my own programs. I made excuses to skip out cause it felt like it was never going to end. I'll do it tomorrow... When I break it down to 6 weeks, it makes me feel like it's nothing, just 6 weeks?! I feel like I'm actually working towards proving the plan right!

April said...

I wish I had some of those!

Stick with the plan and in 12 weeks you'll be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

I have these too and before I started going to the gym, I LOVED THEM!!!!

Good luck with your new plan, I'm sure you'll kick butt and take names!!!

Eve said...

Those dumbbells looks great! I want those!! I hope you enjoy your new plan - I've heard good things about ChaLean. Good luck!