Sunday, April 26, 2009

Its Good to Be Alive!

Its a glorious day today! Here, the sun is shining, I got my walk in at the park and I just ate a delicious salad. Yummm. :)

I have a lot of yard to work to do today. Its my first nice day off to do some yard clean up. I'll be busy today. It will cool off later in the week so I am taking advantage of all the nice sunshine and warmth I can. It gets me extra motivated and inspired.

I did a lot of thinking on my walk. I came to the conclusion that my problem with... life... is that I am too rebellious. I am such a rebel and many times with out a cause. Its great when I am fighting for something worthwhile. You totally want me on your side. If you happen to be my body, well... apparently not so much. Between trust issues and rebelling. *Yeeeeessshhhh* No wonder I keep falling down. Add in a little ADD and I'm a hot mess.
I need to stop fighting everything, TRUST the trainer and/or program, and FOCUS. I might get hurt, but I could also see some real changes in my life. I'm making THIS year, MY year.

I will WORK HARD AND SMART to achieve my dream body. I will dance and sing and live life again. I will sky dive in Hawaii. I will take my photography to the next level. I can and WILL do this. :)


Melissa H said...

Darn tootin'! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!