Sunday, April 5, 2009

ChaLean Extreme Day 4

Momma Mia!!
Hellloooo Body! I am so stinkin' sore- and I'm lovin' it! :D I know that it will get easier at some point, but I feel like such a weakling. I used to lift way heavier. I think its just a new way to do things. LOTS of compound movements. In fact, almost the entire workout is just that. :) This is so good for me. I detest lower body workouts because I suck at them. I know that means I should do them more. Its good to have the push in my face every day. I love it! I can tell I'm getting stronger already. I just have a long way to go.

I'm staying off my scale except for 2x a week. My diet the last 2 days has pretty much sucked. Random food at random times. I did get a few salads in though. Its not been a complete failure. Just not as good as I hoped. I worked 2 - 13 hours days. I was beat! I slept hardcore last night. Not much was going to wake me up. I feel pretty good today. I hate to even say it, but so far the headaches are MIA. :) So are the nosebleeds. Yay. I'm even in PMS week. :D I'm trying not to get too excited. I don't want to be disappointed. This is definitely a positive thing to share though. I think the Vitamin D and magnesium have really helped.

I am off tomorrow! Wahoo! Its a beautiful day today. The flowers are blooming. The sun is shining and that ALWAYS makes me feel better. I should just move where the sun shines more often. I'm sure I'd be a happier and healthier person.

Off to get ready for work...

Have a fabulously fit and fun day!


Kelly Olexa said...

Hey Girl!! Sounds like you are rocking!! ;-) Keep it up, you sound terrific!!


Liimu said...

Hey, lady,

Glad to hear you sounding so positive! And the headaches and nosebleeds gone? Miraculous!!

Yes, Tony knows I'm training for Broad Street and I told him about the bike ride, too, on Tuesday (10 miles). He has told me to be sure to take the glutamine, extra doses throughout the day.

And thanks for sharing that the protein bars screwed you up, too. I'm committing to NO MORE this week!!

Now, off to bed!

Health Girl said...

KO- I'm feeling great! Thanks for stopping by. :D

Liimu- the bars are great in a pinch, but really whole foods win. When I was training with T and stalled out he told me to cut out the bars completely and I had a great loss that week. :) Sleep well. ;)