Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, It ON!

So this was the FIRST Easter ever that I didn't have chocolate treats and all sorts of other crappy foods. I had some potatoes and salty ham, but my calories for the day were under 1300. I drank tons of water and did ChaLEAN Extreme along with an additional 40 minute walk. It is TOM so I shouldn't be that surprised- especially after that salt loaded ham... I am UP 2 lbs since last week. Grrrr. The best part of all this. Today is THE LAST DAY I will ever see this weight. NEVER AGAIN!! ITS ON BABY! I'm SO over this tubby, chubby fat suit. I have a beach body that is tired of being hidden. I have energy that needs to be found. I have health that is tired of being tested. I have food prepared for part of the week. I have a plan in place and a back up in case life happens in a way that I didn't plan for.

I did 35 minutes on the bike this morning. 40 minutes is planned for tonight. Supplements, Super Shake and 1 liter of water in. ACV, Lemon Juice, GT water mixture ready for work. I may walk for 30 minutes at lunch if the weather holds up. Its looking questionable now, but I'll do what I can.

Work is testing my strength daily. The headache hit me yesterday and is lingering this morning. I woke up with a bloody nose. Am I letting it stop me? NO. I have to keep pushing. I have to. Saturday I am going back on HBC. I'll deal with coming back off of it later when the rest of my health is in order. For now I need to be able to live life and do what it takes to remove the fat suit.

"I am strong, sexy, slender and healthy. I deserve to be this way. I love myself."

(That's going to take some work to believe, but dangit I'm going to believe it one of these days!)