Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today... I WON!

Today, I won. I was a winner. :)

I ate right on plan. No extras! I was starving after work. That happens if I miss my late snack and then get out late, too. I wanted chocolate for some reason, but I didn't cave! I had some almonds and then made my big yummy salad! I had visions of all sorts of other food, but my salad was fantastic! I am now pleasantly filled after dinner. I love the feeling of success. :) I'm keeping this moment in my mind for other moments that will no doubt sneak up to tempt me.

AND... The coolest thing of today... I saw not one, not two, but THREE Rainbows!!! Bright and bold, beautiful rainbows. WOWOWOWOWOW! I just love them so. They stop me dead in my tracks every time and make me pause. I take in their beauty and I just feel so at peace and so joyful. :) There's just something about rainbows that fill me with wonder and love. I truly feel grateful today.


Anonymous said...

I'm SOOOOO happy you WON!!! YAY YOU! Keep it up girl, one day at a time and we'll beat this!

So glad you are feeling better, going back to what you know and eating clean organic foods are wonderful. We all know, deep inside what we really need, we just have to listen to that little voice and DO IT! I am too.

Thank you SO much for being so supportive, together we will conquer these damn demons and be sexy hott tamales!

HUGS girl!

Melissa H said...

AWESOME! One day at a time, girl!