Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keep Pressing Forward

Well, I had hoped for some real news on my lab tests. I'm frustrated at myself for not demanding certain tests. I let title dictate my actions. I know things aren't right in my body. People don't just randomly have the issues I have when everything is "normal". I'm also frustrated that the doctor shrugged me off. 2 doctors say I'm insulin resistant and this one doesn't even run the right tests? *sigh* Whatever. I'm moving forward. I never really wanted to be on medication in the first place and that's all that she would have done for me. The biggest thing I am frustrated over is that everyone keeps saying- "at least everything is normal". No its not. Yeah, I'm glad the major things came back clear, but I'm still NOT normal. I was hoping for answers or a direction. The bottom line is that for now, nutrition and exercise are all I have.

I can't afford a trainer or nutritionist right now, but I have a lot of information. There are a lot of basic no-brainers. There is nothing healthy about candy or anything with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). I'm going to avoid those things like the plague. I need to make it my goal to keep my blood sugar and INSULIN levels even. Small meals throughout the day will make the biggest difference. I actually feel better in a fasted state than I do after a meal, so to me this indicates swings in some hormone level. Fruits and veggies are going to be my main source of carbs. I am going to experiment with gluten. SOMETHING is amiss in my body and I am determined to fix it. I am going to continue with the magnesium supps. I really do think they are helping.

I am fighting off the moodiness and headaches still. Just not nearly as often or severe. I have a headache today and had a nosebleed already, but I'm not letting it get me today. I'll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. I did my ChaLEAN workout. I was really off but at least I did it. I don't feel strong or healthy today- at least right now, but that's ok. I'm focusing on eating clean and getting enough water in. I'm hoping I'll feel better this evening and may do some time on the bike.

I'm moving forward. I may see another doctor later, but for this month I am doing what I know will help. It would just be nice if I could see some real results.


Lori said...

That is REALLY disappointing Hillary. :(

I'm so glad you're staying on track with your health and I know it will make a difference to keep exercising and eating better. Hopefully the mineral supplementation will help as well.
You'll figure this out, I know it!


simpledaisy said...

Hi there...
I have to say...I feel your pain..I always have major stomache issues and can't ever figure out why?? I am thinking I have many food intolerances..not allergies! "Eat to Live" very different than anything I have ever read! Also, do some reading on Leaky Gut Syndrome..mostly related to those with Autism..but seems to have something to do with many people!!
Just a few thoughts!!! Take care~

simpledaisy said...

Here is an interesting article
Maybe you can just cut adn paste the link if necessary..hope it helps!