Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am kicking butt and taking names today. ;) I did a nice bike workout today. 43 minutes of mostly steady state with some intervals thrown in. I also did some chest and shoulders. I love shoulders. :)

I emailed John today. We shall see what happens from here. I am nervous. I'm so weird like that. I always get like this when I meet new people or have to make decisions. The bottom line is I *MUST* be able to trust him. I need to be able to contact him when I need help. I'm not high maintenance in this way at all. But if I reach out, then I really do need help. If I feel comfortable and I can trust him, I will do whatever he says without question. That alone will help me succeed more than ever. Its going to be tight financially, but I *need* this. I need it for me. If I don't make some serious improvements soon, its going to get bad. I know that I can make progress with a good program. I just need this direction right now. I have done so well this week eating clean and the scale has barely budged at all. I've done great in my workouts and still little progress. I'm calling on the top dawg to get me in shape. This is my last shot at an on-line trainer.


John is freaking AWESOME! I am totally confident now! We talked for an hour. He gave me sound explanations, he listened, he had great examples and he really made me feel I could trust in him and his wife. I am taking the dreaded before pictures and next week I will have a plan. *Gasp* YAY!


Sunnie said...

I am like that too! I get nervous and anxious at the same time. You are going to do great!

Michelle said...

HIllary you will love John and Roxanna they are great people and will answer all your questions and more..I wish I had the finances to have stayed with them since my mind is in a better place now..You will do well with them and just remember to stay in contact all the time cause they will do everything they can to help you...They are good people!