Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stress is just an obstacle

I had a rough day yesterday mentally. It was super stressful at work. I'm getting to the point where I just want to walk away. Not the smartest idea, especially in this economy. I just think its total crap that I am forced to put up with a negative, hostile and abusive work environment because I get paid well and the economy is in the dump. To make matters worse, the laid off more people in Cleveland and when GM gets to its official cutting, our area is affected again for the 100th time. My company isn't laying off anyone yet, but they are weeding people out. It looks like they are cleaning house soon. I had my job threatened 5 times last night as my boss went off on a tirade about the state of our store. Well bossman if you had run the store properly without being a lunatic, perhaps we wouldn't have issues. I don't really believe him, but he's threatening to wipe out the entire store. Riiiiight.
I seriously just want out of this situation but I am stuck for now. I am working on some ideas, but right now I carry our benefits. If I walk, no health insurance. I just have to keep pressing on.

I didn't mean to blabber on about that. The main thing was I didn't freak out and eat bad foods. I wanted to. But I made it through. This ear infection is kicking my butt. I was dizzy at work and I feel loopy this morning. I have congestion and my ears are still popping a lot. I'm still going to workout today. I'm done with my body breaking down every time I try to get it into a healthy place. It has to get healthy sooner or later. Since I am removing the toxins going in, I'm assuming the struggle now is the toxins leaving the body.

Off I go to workout.


Anonymous said...

I SO wish you had some options when it comes to your job situation. We spend SO much time at our jobs that it should at least be tolerable, if not a GOOD place to be. Keeping you in my thoughts with that and hoping that something will come your way.

GREAT JOB on not caving into crap even though the day sucked!!! WHOO-HOO!!!! SOOOO happy for you! See, you CAN do this!